One of the greatest benefits of a branded app is that it puts all your business’s most important information at the customer’s fingertips—and then opens the door to your shop on their home screen. Your customers will be able to access general information about your business, service and class menus, pricing, online booking information, digital storefronts, and customer profile management. Not only that, you can easily share business news, sales, promotions, and more with them. 

“App-eal” to Your Clients

According to recent research conducted by eConsultancy, engagement with branded apps is on the rise with US consumers, up 69% year over year. In fact, the same study showed that US consumers have up to 5 hours of daily screen time with their mobile devices, 92% of which is spent engaging with an app! Techcrunch studies show that the average mobile user accesses around 9 apps every day, and up to 30 apps every month. These statistics demonstrate that branded apps are where your customers are already spending much of their free time—shouldn’t they spend some of that time with your business?

Meet Customers Where They Already Are—At the App Store!

One of the major advantages a branded app gives you is the ability to add value to your established customer relationships, as well as incentive for new customers to explore what you offer. With a branded app, you have a direct route to managing customer relationships and a distinct opportunity to build loyalty. Every customer gets the VIP treatment with your branded app because they don’t have to wait to book services, get answers to common questions, pay for services and classes in advance, and purchase products.

Your Brand’s App Is a Problem Solver (and Time Saver!)

When structuring your app, make sure that you’re delivering solutions to customers. Remember, your app isn’t just another logo on their home screen—it’s a direct path to giving them what they need, when they need it. Your app should be both useful and convenient for the customer to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for, and then provide them a way to act on it. For instance, if your customer wants to purchase a product to pick up on their way home, your app should have an easy way to navigate to the online store, a convenient way to pay in advance, and a means for the client to indicate they’d like in-store pickup.

Flight of the (Client) Navigator!

The greatest way to meet and exceed client expectations with your branded app is making it easy and intuitive to navigate. When adding content to your app, keep in mind that this may be a new user’s first experience with your business or brand. With that in mind, consider having a FAQ or About Us tab that’s easy to find from the landing page can help new users get familiar with your business, services, classes, products, and values. Clearly defined categories, such as Booking, Online Store, Class Schedule, Service Menu, Pricing, Customer Testimonials, Photo Gallery, and Contact Information provide information without requiring the user to perform a search.

Pro Tip: When listing your services, classes, and products, make sure to include details that’ll help customers find what they’re looking for. As an example, if you offer several types of yoga classes with different durations, include that information in the service/class name, as well as the description.

Sample Script

Lunchtime Yoga – 30 minutes. This 30-minute yoga workshop is designed to help you focus and recharge before heading back to the office! Yogi Rachel will lead students through a 30-minute sequence of seated meditative poses, Warrior poses, inversions, and backbends to help you shed some of your office stress and prepare to finish your workday strong.


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