Women’s Equality Day is recognized August 26, commemorating the successful passing of the 19th Amendment in the US, granting women full and equal voting rights. According to statistics from the US Dept. of Labor (DOL), women and female-identified people comprise 61% of the collective workforce in the salon, spa, fitness, and personal care industries. Here’s to all the women who make these industries stronger—you may not realize it, but you’re an agent of change! Chances are, you’ve taken big risks, used your voice, and taken what Robert Frost calls “the road less traveled” to be successful in your industry. In less than a century’s time, women have become empowered to realize their full potential as successful, independent business owners.

“Girl Power” in Beauty, Fitness, & Wellness

Why do women comprise a higher percentage of the workforce in beauty, wellness, and fitness? Workplace culture has been traditionally structured to benefit male workers, limiting women’s ability to advance in traditional work settings. By contrast, the beauty industry is centered on the female demographic, prompting a predominantly female workforce. Likewise, the fitness industry sidesteps traditional workplace structures, allowing female fitness professionals easy entry and the ability to advance. Additionally, because the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries don’t adhere to a traditional pay model, the wage gap is easier to close. Finally, income models such as commission and booth rent make it easier for female workers in salons, spas, massage studios, and fitness centers to “be their own boss,” creating an independence rarely found in other industries.

Shine Theory for Service Professionals

I don’t shine if you don’t shine.”

— Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, Call Your Girlfriend podcast

What is Shine Theory? Essentially, Shine Theory is the long-term investment a person makes in another person’s development into their best selves. To embrace Shine Theory, when you meet someone in your industry who is successful, you acknowledge that a collaboration with them is more advantageous than competition. In the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries, a perfect example of Shine Theory in practice is the tradition of mentorship. When a new service professional enters your salon, spa, gym, or studio, use your skills and experience to help them shine. In doing so, you shine, too! In any workplace setting, Shine Theory improves employee morale. This, in turn, provides a better customer service experience, creating an atmosphere of unified growth and success that clients will feel good about returning to.


Powerful Women in Beauty & Fitness: May We Be Them, Know Them, Lift Them Up!

In industries where women comprise a greater share of the demographic, it’s easier to succeed than in other industries, and that’s something worth celebrating. The beauty and fitness industries are unique in their number of powerful women owning their own businesses. As a small business owner, instructor, or mentor, women in these industries can “throw back the rope” to service providers on their way up. On Women’s Equality Day—and every other day! —remember how important it is to lift up others in your industry. Keep in mind, surrounding yourself with talented, ambitious, and successful women in your profession doesn’t make you look lesser in comparison. You build yourself up by surrounding yourself with people who can teach you how to realize your potential. By extension, you build a better profession for everyone by lifting up the achievements of your peers and mentors. Remember, if they don’t shine, you don’t shine!

Want to put Shine Theory in to practice today? If you’re a Vagaro professional with a friend in the beauty or fitness industry, refer them to Vagaro—we’ll make sure you both shine!

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