For businesses affected by a COVID-19 closure or shelter in place order, it’s more important than ever to keep your business top-of-mind and attract new customers to shop your online store and register for your live stream options. That way, when you get back to work, you’ll have more new clients to welcome back and add to your established customer base. Click here to read a letter from our CEO, detailing how Vagaro is here to help your business get through this crisis.

In the modern world of digitally-driven marketing, it’s vital for businesses to have reliable, trustworthy branding in order to thrive and stay competitive. After all—if your target audience doesn’t recognize and trust your brand, expanding your customer base and increasing sales will be a challenge.


You may find yourself asking:

  • What does it mean to have a brand when you’re in a service-based industry like beauty or fitness?

  • What is brand awareness, and why is it important?

  • How can I build brand awareness and stay within my marketing budget? 

Here’s an overview of building brand awareness, how it relates to the fitness and beauty industries, and how getting featured on Vagaro can make your brand more visible to new customers in your area.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is an inclusive term used to describe how aware your target audience is about your brand and what it has to offer. While many small business owners in beauty and fitness think that branding is just for large-scale, national chains, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Brand awareness happens the moment a person recognizes your brand because they remember seeing your logo, color scheme, or name (brand recognition.) Once a person recognizes your brand, you have an opportunity to present them your value proposition. Your value proposition is the products and services you offer, as well as benefit customers gain by choosing your brand. Thus, building brand awareness helps your business strengthen its reputation, which in turn, helps attract and retain new customers and stand apart from the local competition.

Why Brand Awareness Matters

For small businesses especially, brand awareness is important because it helps new prospective customers recognize not just your business, but the value of the services and products you offer. By building brand awareness with your target audience (the people most likely to book a service or make a purchase), your brand becomes top-of-mind. This increases the probability that they’ll take action or remember your brand when they’re ready to book or buy. Brand awareness is even more important for small businesses, because you may be competing in a smaller local market. With a smaller audience, brand awareness could be the deciding factor in a new customer booking with your business, versus booking with a competitor.

How to Build Brand Awareness

The first step in building brand awareness is figuring out your target audience. Your target audience is the people who would be your brand’s ideal customers. That is, the people most likely to book services, purchase products, and become loyal customers. Once you focus on the audience most likely to be receptive to your message, building brand awareness will be an easier task. After defining your audience, the next goals are to build your mission and brand identity. Having a presence on multiple social channels can help achieve both goals. A business website, social media profiles, and business listings such as the Vagaro Marketplace are all ways to strengthen your business brand and build brand awareness. A proactive approach, where you lead the local competition, instead of a responsive approach, where you keep pace with competitors, is more effective long-term. Staying a step ahead builds a better brand experience for customers and improves engagement. Increased customer engagement is key to converting leads into loyal customers! 

Bright Ideas for Building Brand Awareness

Here are some simple ways to start building brand awareness for your business, attract new customers, and expand your client base!

  • Create an eye-catching or memorable logo and color scheme—and use it often. Logos are a great way of advertising using “shorthand” that’s simple and easy for your target audience to remember and recognize. Not sure where to start building a logo? Let the Vagaro Design Team help you out!

  • Consider adding a slogan to your brand! For example, a gym might use the slogan/hashtag “Commit to be fit,” while a salon might use a slogan like, “We style, you smile.” Even better, turn your slogan into a hashtag: #committofit #westyleyousmile

  • Take the time to write a mission statement. By humanizing your brand and providing a statement of your passions, specialized skills, and business values, you give browsing customers more reasons to choose your business instead of a competitor.

  • Make sure your website or business listing is clean, functional, and easy-to-navigate. The less hassle a customer has finding the information they’re looking for, the more positively they’ll view your business—which can be the difference between bookmarking and booking!

  • Encourage and incentivize established clients to leave positive reviews. There’s nothing like a business listing full of 5-star reviews to convert a browser into a customer!

  • Invest in advertising. Getting featured on the Vagaro Marketplace is a low-cost, low-risk investment in your brand that can pay off bigtime! When you become a Vagaro Marketplace featured business, your listing will appear on the first page of result in your area, giving you an edge on the local competition. Getting featured on Vagaro combined with your brand’s social media marketing campaign gives you the edge you need to increase leads, book new clients, and make more sales.

Get Featured on Vagaro and Boost Your Brand Awareness

Get featured on Vagaro and start seeing an increase in your business brand awareness! You’ll have an advantage in your local branding, because your business will be prioritized on the Vagaro Marketplace local landing page. That gives you an opportunity to show new local browsers your best work, hottest products, and offer a convenient way to book with you immediately. Combine your featured listing with a Daily Deal to make your business even more attractive to new customers, and you’ll be building your brand awareness with an unshakable foundation!

Featured businesses are always on the hustle—why not become one of them and see how much more business you can get in the door? Get featured on the Vagaro Marketplace today, and give your local brand awareness a boost!

Header Image & Icons: Mia Montemayor via Vagaro