Are you tired of having a disorganized class menu that deters potential clients from booking with you? If there’s no structure in how your classes are organized & presented, a client may get lost in the mess and book the wrong class or try another studio. Enter, Class Categories—Vagaro’s latest feature makes organizing your class menu simple, creating a streamlined look & a far more pleasant booking experience for your clientele. 

Why Should I Use Class Categories? 

With Class Categories, you can create differentiated groups for the classes you offer, making your class menu more visually appealing and easier to navigate. For example, if you own a fitness studio, you may have classes that fall into general categories such as strength training, yoga or kickboxing. Within these groups, you probably have sections that go by skill level or type of class. In the case of yoga, you may have different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), types (vinyasa, yin, Hatha) and lengths (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour). Now, with Class Categories, students can choose the overall type of class they want to explore and quickly find the specific class they’re looking for, instead of combing through a long list of all your offerings. This streamlined approach will lead to an improved booking process and a better customer experience, prompting them to come back & book again! 

How Do I Use Class Categories? 

To get started with Class Categories, navigate to your Vagaro Pro account. Then, go to your Settings and choose Service/Class Menu. From here, you’ll be able to select Classes. Hit Add, then click Add Category. After you’ve saved your category name, it’s time to get organized! To do this, find your class offerings. Click the three vertical dots. You’ll have the option to move the class to the category of your choice. After you’ve added your classes to the appropriate categories, clients can navigate your offerings quickly and sign up easily! For further assistance, check out this support article.

Better Menu, Better Business 

The new option to create Class Categories streamlines the booking process and allows clients to browse your offerings with greater ease. Pair this with online booking, an easy-to-manage Calendar, and a FREE Marketplace with over 12 million customers looking to book, and get ready to watch your business thrive! It’s just one more way Vagaro helps you on your journey toward success.