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Jessica LaSalle 

Hairstylist in Loveland, CO 

Specializing in grey coverage and blending, blonding, and balayage 

Jessica LaSalle Hair Studio

Tell us a little about yourself and your business. 

I’m a studio suite owner in Loveland Colorado, and I specialize in blonding and grey coverage. I have been in the industry for 12+ years and I’m happy to say that I am stronger coming out of the shutdown. I had enough emergency money saved both professionally and personally to make it through the 8-week closure. When I came back into the salon I was slammed with my existing guests and new guest requests.

Prior to enabling these features, did you implement a call ahead policy when a customer arrived?

Yes, I did have a call ahead policy for guests and it was difficult to manage because I’m alone in a suite, and I was typically with a guest when my next client would be calling. I love having my client’s check-in virtually through the Vagaro app. It’s easy for me to click a button rather than trying to answer the phone while finishing up with the client in my chair.

How did you communicate to your clients about these new features?

I used email marketing through Vagaro to send a blast about how they can check in to their next appointment, and I sent each guest a digital welcome packet that walks them through what they can expect at their appointment. This way everyone was on the same page and there were no surprises when they arrived. I’ve also filled out the COVID-19 Highlights section on my Vagaro listing page with the specific guidelines that each client must follow at their appointment. 

Jessica LaSalle Hair Studio

How did your clients react to the COVID-Clean Check-in feature?

They love it! They know that I will get back to them when the suite is sanitized and ready for them to safely come in. It takes the awkwardness away from them waiting for me since they know I have been notified of their arrival. It makes it easy for the both of us! I even created a custom message that my clients receive at check-in reminding them to wear their mask during the appointment, which is nice because sometimes we forget.

Has the COVID-Clean Checkout feature helped with reducing shared devices and high contact areas?

Absolutely. Prior to enabling the checkout feature, I was using my tablet and constantly sanitizing it between clients – to the point where the case is now ruined. Now, it’s so easy to send the checkout process straight to my client’s phone and they love it! They think this feature is really cool.

Would you recommend these features to other professionals and if so, why?

Yes! It saves time and panic by having guests check in from their vehicles. Especially for solo stylists who do not have a team to help clean, prep for the next guest, and check out. It streamlines the process and looks professional. The COVID-Clean Checkout is great as your guest can tip and sign from their phone. I’ve even received more reviews and tips since enabling these features.

Jessica standing in front of studio smiling

Any advice you’d like to share with other Vagaro businesses? 

Utilize all the features that Vagaro is giving you because I did a lot of research for a salon software that was at a good price point and didn’t charge extra for every additional feature when I moved to my own suite, and I’ve found that Vagaro goes above and beyond what other companies are offering. There are so many other features that I need to explore myself!


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