Styles, fitness routines and self-care strategies change with remarkable speed in the beauty & wellness industries. As a professional service provider, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of these business trends. But, how? 

Esthetician Teresa Miranda of Red Lipstick Makeup Studio in Los Angeles puts it this way: “Since the beauty industry is consistently changing, so am I, as a makeup artist.” 

It used to be as simple as magazine subscriptions, but those lost their status long ago as the first to break beauty news. You can’t rely on a monthly or bi-monthly publishing schedule to keep you informed anymore. Nail techs, hairstylists, fitness trainers and many other small business owners & service pros in the industry have increasingly turned to the Internet—particularly social media—to stay current.  

Here are the best sources for cutting-edge beauty & fitness trends to keep your business current: 

Social Media 

Young woman vlogging about makeup trends for social media

Instagram is a bread-and-butter beauty source these days, with hordes of influencers covering every beauty and wellness niche. Instagram is often the platform of choice for big name brands to announce product launches, and it’s also where they tend to interact with consumers. You can get plenty of real-time tips & information here. 

“I’m constantly on Instagram exploring pages and using hashtags,” Miranda says. Research the best Instagram hashtags for beauty, or whatever your specific industry may be, and follow them. Also be sure to follow your favorite brands and top-tier influencers. Miranda enjoys influencers who change up their looks frequently and work to recreate the styles seen on the red carpet. 

TikTok can be casual, fun and funny, but it definitely has a serious place in your business plan. Like Instagram, it hosts influential users eager to showcase the latest styles. The—ahem—beauty of TikTok is its short video format, which makes keeping up with styles a quick task you can complete between other things like standing in line at the checkout, riding public transit or while on your break. 

Search TikTok for keywords like “beauty trends 2023” or seek out channels dedicated specifically to the topic. Monitor the top TikTok beauty and fitness influencers and you’ll be ahead of the game all the time. 

Digital Magazines & Blogs 

Although magazines don’t hold the power they once did, most of them have adapted with the times and now have an online presence. Major names like Vogue and Elle regularly publish news and trend pieces online, which you can access from anywhere.  

The Internet has also given rise to digital-only publications in the industry, like Byrdie, and to niche blogs dedicated to keeping beauty pros in the know. It’s also a good idea to check the blogs of beauty product brands themselves, as well as industry software blogs, like our very own here at Vagaro. 

Fitness professionals may want to seek out digital sources like or the American College of Sports Medicine. And, when dealing with trends that involve new eating plans or exercise routines, be sure to learn about their safety and efficacy from experienced professionals. The ACSM, for example, is closely aligned with physicians and specialists in exercise science. Verywellfit offers a more casual, pop-culture feel, but still utilizes an editorial review board of trained professionals, such as certified personal trainers. Not every fad diet or exercise goal is healthy for all body types and fitness levels, so let the experts in the field guide you on which trends to recommend to clients, and which to steer them away from. 

Industry News 

Woman's fashion magazine on coffee table

If you’re looking for sources that write specifically with business owners & service providers in mind, try these useful B2B publications: 

Vagaro Pro 


Premium Beauty News 

Vogue Business 

Global Cosmetics News 

Estee Lauder product marketing specialist, Susanna Ly, is a bit of a trend source herself, thanks to her articles on Medium. She endorses beauty podcasts like The Glossy Beauty Podcast and the Breaking Beauty Podcast, as well as the Glossy email subscription. 

Keep Up with the Kardashians 

Don’t forget America’s royal family, the Kardashian-Jenners. Whether you love them, hate them, or couldn’t care less about them, there’s no denying the influence they have had, and will continue to have, on the beauty industry. They’re still on top of the game for trends in fashion, makeup & hair. Keep them in your queue of sources, if only for the information itself. 

Runway Shows 

Two stylish women walking in street


























For a dose of up-and-coming looks, tune in to fashion shows around the country and around the world. While the runway is primarily a stage for clothing, models also sport on-trend makeup, lash design, haircuts & more. Teams of professionals expertly craft the look of every woman and man who struts down the ramp, and you can learn a lot by noticing the styles they’ve created. 

Of course, not everyone gets invitations to attend fashion shows, but you can find plenty of Internet sources that let you watch these shows online. 

Pivot Fast & Have Fun 

Bottom line? The rapid shift in trending looks can seem intimidating, but the digital world gives you more than enough opportunities to keep up. 

“Just when you think you’ve got [the styles] down, guess what? It’s changing again,” Miranda says. “It’s that fast.” But, she adds, it’s easy to pivot with the changes. Makeup washes off at the end of the day. Nails can be redone. Hair can be cut, styled & extended. And, even if a particular workout routine didn’t work for you, tomorrow is a new day with fresh possibilities. There’s always something new around the corner, and part of the job as professionals is to know what’s up and give the people what they want. 

In short, she says, “have fun with trends, but make them your own!” 

That attitude, at least, is timeless.