Staying motivated during the extended social distancing of COVID-19 is challenging, and your customers can always use a little extra encouragement. This is especially true when it comes to working out! While both you and your clients’ daily and weekly routines may be thrown out of sync, reestablishing the goals and activities they enjoy can help restore their motivation levels. Let’s explore some ways you can help your customers feel a renewed sense of purpose on National Encouragement Day! 

Send Friendly Reminders

The adjustment to COVID life has been difficult for many, allowing some healthy habits to fall by the wayside, like self-care and workouts. We can all be a little forgetful at times, which is why a friendly reminder to your customers can go a long way toward achieving their fitness goals. Use Vagaro’s email marketing feature to connect with customers who haven’t checked in for a while to give your clientele a gateway to jump-start their routine again. Send an email or text to help customers remember how much they enjoyed their yoga sessions, spa treatments, or personal training appointments. Your personalized message can be inspiring and help your business stay top-of-mind! 

Offer Promo Codes

While some customers can be encouraged by a simple reminder, others might need an added incentive to get re-invested in their old habits. Get customers back in the door with a discount code, such as “StayPositive15.” Remember, your encouragement can be reassuring to customers who’ve let their routine lapse, letting them know they’re on the right path or the validation they need. 

Vagaro Pay Desk with motivational screen saver

Share Motivational Messages

You’ve successfully encouraged your customers to engage with your business, but how do you keep them inspired? 

It’s simple! A motivational welcome message sets the tone for their session, whether they’re in-store or checking in virtually. Once a customer scans themselves in using the Vagaro Check-In app, a customized message of your choosing will be displayed on your tablet, starting their experience on a positive note. Leaving customers satisfied is your priority but going the extra mile to make them feel empowered is a bonus. Upon departure, one parting checkout message congratulating them on a job well done is the perfect send-off for the rest of the day. 

Bright Idea: In your message, consider saying “Keep up the good work!” or “Enjoy yourself!” These messages can be expanded on in texts and emails, but for in-store customers a jovial banner on your display screens is very welcoming. 



The COVID world has redefined the way many of us approach everyday life and makes rediscovering the things that make customers feel “normal” more challenging. A little motivation can create big results. National Encouragement Day is about uplifting one another and many of us could use a pat on the back, now more than ever. When it comes to fitness goals, always keep your eye on the prize and help your customers remain focused with Vagaro by your side! 



Images: Giorgio Trovato via Vagaro