For businesses affected by COVID-19 closures and shelter in place orders, live streaming services have become a necessary lifeline to maintaining an income. Vagaro’s new live streaming feature gives you the power to deliver personalized service to customers and maintain your connections during a time where human connections are needed more than ever. Visit our support article to learn more about how Vagaro’s new live stream integrations can help you sustain customer relationships.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:  

You’re Not the Only One Itching to Get Back to Business

Now that we’re a few weeks into social distancing and sheltering in place, your clients are likely becoming increasingly aware of just how much they miss their hairstylists. Luckily, Vagaro’s new live streaming integration makes it even easier for you to reach out to your clients and provide step-by-step guidance on how they can maintain their own hairstyles without causing traumatic damage — chemical or emotional! 

Don’t Let Boredom Breed Bad Bangs

Just say no to boredom bangs.

One of the newest trends spreading online is Quarantine Bangs, where women record themselves cutting their own bangs and post their video on social media. Luckily, live streaming can allow you to jump in with your expert knowledge and prevent the traumatic boredom bang! Offering a workshop on how to fake bangs can help your clients try something new without making an impulsive long-term commitment. And for those clients who already have bangs and want to keep rocking the look, a one-on-one walk-through can help them keep their fringe under control — without going viral. 

Hiding Neglected Hair in Style

Though #showyourroots is another hot topic on social media, some of your clients might prefer to hide their new hair growth. You can cater to those clients by hosting a virtual class where you outline the various ways that they can conceal or minimize the appearance of their new growth while staying away from the dreaded box color. These classes are particularly helpful if you offer “Color To-Go” kits through your online store. Once a client purchases a color kit, you can virtually walk them through a quick touch-up. By offering a mix of styling techniques, remote services, and product recommendations (like tinted root sprays, hair mascara, and even hair chalk) you can help ease your clients “growing pains” and keep them away from the box.


Bring on the Braids

Braids are a classic way to stylishly manage unruly hair and grown-out color. Live streamed braiding sessions are a great opportunity to simultaneously teach your clients a step-by-step tutorial and answer their questions in real-time. Because braids are so versatile, you can even consider offering a weekly workshop, where each week you focus on demonstrating a different braided style. This might be a real gift to customers whose kids are at home and in need of a constructive way to spend their time. It’s also a great way to stay connected with customers and facilitate a little family bonding time.  

Don’t Forget the Guys

Just say no to the bowl cut or frustration buzz! Men aren’t immune to the effects of having to forego their grooming appointments and are likely feeling a little bit shaggy as well. Before they pick up the clippers out of desperation and fall victim to the dreaded “DiY haircut”, consider offering online “Trims for Him” sessions. This can be a course where you can guide male clients (and their helpful partners) step-by-step through at-home haircuts and the basics of beard maintenance.  

You Gotta Give ‘Em What They Want

If you’re still not sure what your clients might benefit from, consider using email and text marketing to share a linked customer survey with your clients! Using your survey results, you can further customize your live streaming sessions based on your clients’ specific wants, needs, and questions

Live streaming is a great and versatile way that you can continue to offer hair styling advice and tips, generate income and help prevent your clients from damaging their hair, all while maintaining a safe social distance! It’s simple to get set up the live video integration through your Vagaro accountVisit our support page for step-by-step guidance to get set up and start streaming in no time.

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