There are many opportunities for solo entrepreneurs to succeed—and just as many challenges. From differentiating your brand to making sound financial decisions, there are so many things to navigate. Esthetician Deirdre Gavin, however, cracked the solopreneur code. She shared the simple yet thorough roadmap she used to launch her successful company, Naturally Bare Skincare, with the iconic.22 audience. 

A thriving company, Gavin said, is rooted in its founder’s purpose—their why. She used her business as an example. Gavin founded Naturally Bare because she believed in: Providing high-quality spa services, selling only the best skin care products, educating clients and estheticians alike on good skin care and providing the tools for each group to succeed. 

“Your business should be multifaceted, meaning that in addition to services, you provide tools to both professionals and consumers,” Gavin said. 

The results depend on several factors, including what she called the entrepreneur mindset—a series of character traits that are common amongst successful entrepreneurs. These include determination, confidence and the ability to make tough decisions. Gavin also highlighted stamina and reserving as much energy and time for the business as humanly possible. 

“I applaud you all because I know that as solopreneurs, you can never step away from your business,” Gavin said. 

Determination and grit alone will not sustain a business through tough economic times, but business savvy will. Gavin dove into the less romantic and exciting aspects of solopreneurship, such as choosing business insurance, obtaining all necessary licenses and partnering with the right bank. 

“This is the work you do behind the scenes,” Gavin said. “Your customers will never see any of this, but it’s necessary to provide a finished product.” 

Whether they’re behind the scenes or behind the chair, Gavin urged the audience to think of themselves as extensions of their businesses. For skin care professionals such as herself, this means taking care of herself in the same way she takes care of, and educates, clients. In the bigger picture, this requires finding balance between their personal lives & work lives. 

“Telling your clients that you’re having a bad day isn’t going to work. You have to get it together and always look the part as much as possible.” 

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