Even as a boy, personal trainer, Michael Piercy was no stranger to hustling. He instills his mindset in each of the athletes he trains at his gym, Lab Performance & Sports Science, in Fairfield, New Jersey. Piercy’s energy and vast knowledge always keep people coming back, no matter how tough their training is, but how does he get scores of new clients in the door? 

He shared those secrets with the iconic.22 audience at Vagaro’s inaugural industry conference. According to Pierce, it all begins with a fight for the public’s attention. 

“Attention is currency, and it’s very expensive nowadays.” 

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Piercy described how businesses rely more on paid social ads to convert leads than organic content. He shared common sense tips that businesses can use to expand their organic reach and boost their brands—without breaking the bank. One of these was building relationships with local news reporters. 

“It’s a disservice if you don’t know who your local reporters are, because they are always looking for stories,” Piercy said. 

Piercy shared how he sent out countless mailers to local news stations during his gym’s grand opening. Much later, he was contacted by a reporter at NJ News 12, the biggest news outlet in that part of the state. This connection turned into multiple news segments featuring his gym—a level of free television advertising that would otherwise have cost him a lot of money. 

“You are never marketing into a vacuum,” Piercy said. “If I didn’t send out those mailers, that reporter never would have known me.” 

Of course, social media and advertising means little without the right message—which is tied to providing the right client experience. 

Piercy rolled out a five-step process for creating a world-class client experience. Step one, he said, is adopting a targeted strategy that defines your target demographic. Piercy described how he implemented this at his own gym during the pandemic, to remarkable results. It required him to get personal with those who he serves. 

“You need to know their ages, where they shop, what music they like and what social media they use,” he said. “I still don’t understand TikTok, but I watch it because my clients do!” 

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