During this episode of iconic.pop, we discussed all things Venus Williams. Many of us know Venus as a four-time Olympic gold medalist, as well as the first African American woman to win Wimbledon since Althea Gibson in 1957. But did you know that, aside from these historic athletic accomplishments, Venus is also a business mogul who has seen a multitude of successes with her entrepreneurship in her unique business ventures?  

Tennis legend & entrepreneur, Venus Williams

Fashionista. Nutrition Entrepreneur. Renaissance Woman

Venus’s athletic clothing brand, EleVen, is the epitome of fashion meets function. Shelby and Candace discuss how female athletes are often forced to wear tight leotards or skirts without the freedom of comfort that their male counterparts enjoy. With EleVen, Venus aimed to create a line of clothing where women can feel comfortable and focus on their game while also looking good. 

Venus didn’t stop with fashion when it came to her fitness-related business ventures. When creating Happy Viking, her protein drink company, her goal was to make Olympic-style nutrition readily available to everyone.

With all the misinformation in the dieting industry, it is so important that Venus was able to share her happy, balanced, plant-based lifestyle, providing a product that was crafted with a combination of her personal expertise and information from world-class Olympic trainers & trustworthy nutritionists.

Her protein products are 100% vegan, contain no dairy, lactose, soy, gluten, artificial ingredients or GMOs, and have 20 grams of protein! 

Venus also owns an interior design firm, V Starr, which she opened in 2002 to fulfill her love for design and business. Her full-service company specializes in commercial design, focusing on hospitality and high-end residential, and they absolutely excel at creating beautiful, functional spaces.  

We are so impressed by Venus and all of her vast accomplishments, and we look forward to hearing all of the insight, stories and business advice that she has to offer at our iconic.22 conference!