Taking the steps necessary toward healthier living can be difficult when you don’t know where or how to start. 

Fortunately, the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) has made health education an annual holiday, which can make help your clients begin their fitness journey. 

Started by the SOPHE in 1995, National Health Education Week (NHEW) has been instrumental in raising awareness regarding health issues for over 20 years. The third week of October is dedicated to better understanding healthier living, both mentally and physically. From October 19-23, 2020, make a plan to incorporate NHEW into your business and attract new clients through education. 

Why Is Health Education Important?

It’s one thing to know the proper steps for healthier living, but it’s another to apply them.  

Mental health has recently become a focal point, with more and more fitness instructors placing emphasis on mental wellbeing and how it can affect physical health. Meditation and positivity exercises can influence your productivity, social skills, and overall mood. As society has become more self-aware, people are beginning to value the importance of treating mental health. Health Education Week is the perfect time to learn more about how you can be more mindful of mental-health practices. 


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Physically, maintaining a healthy diet and workout regimen can help with energy levels and focus. Regardless of age, being active and using body movement promotes brain activity, but it’s especially vital for children whose minds are still developing. Here are some benefits associated with physical activity according to the CDC

  • Encourages accomplishing goals 
  • Plays an important role in creating positivity 
  • Helps build self-confidence 
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills 
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety or depression 
  • Helps maintain healthy bones and joints 

It’s easy to forget about self-maintenance when there’s a lot going on, but NHEW is about being mindful, which is crucial in 2020. 

Health Education Streamed Directly to Your Home 

It’s easy to make excuses to avoid working out, but it’s not hard to plan them into your schedule. 

Personal trainers and health education specialists are finding new and innovative ways to keep you active both mentally and physically. Yoga classes and at-home workouts are increasingly popular because of their availability. 

  • If your business doesn’t offer live streaming, there’s a multitude of ways you could garner more clients through virtual services. Here are just a few ideas: Webinars about mindfulness 
  • A guest speaker to discuss career tips 
  • Social media challenges 


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Educate Your Clients to Keep Them Invested in Their Health

Health Education week is a good way to get your clients started on their revamped lifestyle but keeping at it and establishing a routine is what’s important. Accountability is key when it comes to working out, so help your clients stay on their path with encouraging messages and info throughout the week. 

  • Send a message based on the NHEW theme of the day 
    • Monday: Health equity and advocating for change 
    • Tuesday: Emergency preparedness 
    • Wednesday: Mental health and mindfulness 
    • Thursday: Health literacy 
    • Friday: Setting goals for your career and personal life 
  • Text and email your clients health tips every week 
  • Live stream one-on-one coaching sessions 
  • Host a virtual health education “listen & learn” on different health topics 
  • Use livestream for a digital Q & A session on different health topics  
  • Use social media (YouTube, Twitter, TikTok) for health tips and then boost social media with email and text reminders 

Start Your Health Education with These Blogs

SOPHE and the CDC offers a wealth of information when it comes to monitoring your health, but don’t hesitate to search for more information.  



National Health Education Week is your opportunity to capitalize on some new workout plans and reach out to your clientele. Whether it’s through text, email, or by phone, reminding your clients about staying on top of the mental and physical health is imperative. Stay positive and continue to serve as a support system for your customers. For more information on how to market your brand, check out Vagaro’s marketing tools!



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