As a business owner, you connect with many people, whether they’re clients, employees, or other business owners. When you network, you make and deepen connections with others. If a fellow business owner, a client, or a friend asks you how you’re able to run your business, you’ll probably identify things like hard work, perseverance, a dream, and, of course, Vagaro. You might tell them about the features Vagaro has that make running your business easy. If they say, “That sounds great! Maybe I’ll give it a try,” don’t let them log on to Vagaro and register alone. Get rewarded for sharing the love with Vagaro’s Refer a Friend program. 

Vagaro’s referral program allows you to invite friends to join our platform while getting paid. Here’s how it works. 


When you share your unique referral link with a friend, they’ll unlock our 1-month free trial and get 25 Vagaro Bucks to use as they please. When they become a qualified referral, meaning they continue to use Vagaro after their free trial is over, as our thanks to you, you’ll also receive cash back in the form of 25 Vagaro Bucks!  


Vagaro Bucks are credits loaded into your account that can make purchases. With 25 Vagaro Bucks, you could: 

  • Apply the amount to your next monthly payment 
  • Get a new add-on feature, like Forms, an Online Store, or the Check-In App 
  • Put money toward new hardware, like a POS system 


It’s easy to share your referral link with your friends. Start by navigating to the Refer a Friend page. You can copy and paste your unique link by clicking “Share your link” or Refer a Friend via email.


If you decide to share your unique referral link, the link will not expire.  


If you share a referral via email, simply fill out the recipient’s contact information. You can easily send your referral email to multiple friends by choosing “Add new friend.” Once you’ve completed this, click “Refer Friends” or “Done” and your email will be sent! Be sure that if you’ve sent out referral invitations over email your referrals use the link within 30 days.  


Keep an eye on the status of your referrals on the Refer a Friend page to see how many: 

  • Referrals you’ve made 
  • Referrals are in trial 
  • Referred friends have become paying members 
  • Vagaro Bucks you’ve earned 


You can also see your current ranking compared to other referring businesses.  

The more friends you refer, the more cash you earn! We also offer a referral bonus for the business with the most qualified referrals. At the end of the year, if you’re the business with the most referred paying members, you’ll get $1000 to show you how much we appreciate you, your hard work, and your friends.  


Ready to share the love? Head over to Vagaro’s Refer a Friend page or learn more about how to invite friends to the best all-in-one software solution.