For businesses affected by a COVID-19 closure or shelter in place order, being able to earn income with live video classes and services is a helping hand when you need it most. Visit our support article to learn more about how Vagaro’s new live stream integrations can help you bring in revenue and sustain customer relationships. 

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Congratulations! You’ve done the work of planning your live stream, getting set up to give your audience a top-notch streaming session, and testing your rig to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. The only thing left to do is to make sure people tune in! Advertising your live stream and attracting an audience may sound daunting, but it’s easier than you might think. Launching a live stream is like planning and marketing any other kind of event. So, by putting a few simple strategies into action, you’ll be able to start streaming with a solid viewership and increase your audience with each session. 

Who is Your Live Stream Audience?

For a successful launch of your live video services and classes, you’ll want to establish your audience. Your audience is divided by two groups:

  • Local audience – This audience is your existing clientele. They can be easily reached with an email, text, or phone call!

  • Global audience – A pool of new clients, regardless of their geographic location.

When marketing your live stream, you’ll want to first tap into your local audience to build a solid foundation, also known as your established clientele. Your customers are already familiar with your business, your staff, and what you offer which means they are most likely to give your new live video services a try. Once you’ve got your core audience excited to try your new classes, you can expand your marketing to your global audience using your social platforms!

Digital Listings Attract Local and Global Viewers

Now that you’ve finished setting up your stream and defining your audience, it’s time to make sure your digital listings are up to date! These are links to your most important web pages for promoting your live streams:

  • Your Vagaro website

  • Vagaro business listing

  • Google

  • Yelp

  • Social channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)

Your online listings should include descriptions of live stream options, photos, video teasers—and most importantly—registration links to upcoming live streams. Make sure to include available live classes or services in the first two sentences of the description. That way, if someone is interested in your class or service, they’ll be able to see in the snippet that it’s available to live stream. Don’t forget that it’s important to update all your business listings because different audiences use different channels—so the more bases you cover, the more eyes will be on your stream!

Bright Idea: On your website, include a live stream description or teaser video with a registration link below, so visitors to your site can book directly without an extra step!

Use Video Clips to Market Your Virtual Sessions

One of the easiest ways to attract a wider audience and build interest in your virtual sessions is by appealing to curiosity with video teaser clips running roughly 30-60 seconds. Video teasers are the easiest way to promote your live video menu on the channels mentioned above, and in other marketing initiatives. It’s easier than you think to film video teasers—after all, you’ve got the right setup ready to go! You can create video footage using your filming set-up and backdrop to record yourself “pitching” the session, speaking directly to your audience. Include how the live stream will be structured, how long it’ll run, the cost, and what attendees can expect.

Or, create teaser videos of your service in action! Before your first remote session, perform a “dry run” to practice your pacing, check your lighting and audio, and get feedback from a test audience. Use your practice run to collect the footage you’ll need for short video teasers. When you begin testing, simply record the practice run. Then, when you’ve finished your practice run-through, you’ll have ample footage to create teaser video for your digital listings and landing pages. You can easily create these clips with a simple video editing program, such as iMovie, Movie Maker, or comparable software. But if you want to really create a teaser that catches their attention, try combining footage of your “pitch” with footage from your dry run.

Bright Idea: When you record your practice run for marketing video clips, you’ll be able to view your stream from your audience’s perspective. This gives you better insights of how to improve your video stream.

Use Email and Text Marketing to Share Your Listings

Once your digital listings are updated and you’ve created a few video teasers to post online, it’s time to put your email and text marketing tools to work. Text marketing is great for delivering, short, timely communications, while email marketing allows you more space to provide more detail, description, and content to your message. Email is also a better way to embed video clips and teasers for your virtual classes and appointments.

Email Template

Dear Valued Acme Client,

Acme Studios may be temporarily closed for in-person business, but we’re open for business online! On Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 2 p.m. PST/ 5 p.m. EST, Acme will be hosting our first live streaming Zumba class, and you’re invited! Join Acme Zumba instructor Maggie for a fun 45-minute sweat sesh from the comfort of your own living room! If you sign up today, we’ll give you a 10% early bird discount with code SHAKEITOFF, as well as a bonus code to share with a friend or use for your next virtual class with an Acme instructor.

So, throw on your favorite sweats and get ready to shake, shimmy, & salsa your heart out. This class is suitable for beginners as well as Zumba pros, and Maggie will even have a few moves designed just for the kids, so you can invite the whole family to join in the fun!

There’s nothing to lose except your homebound blues, so register today— “see” you on Saturday!

Text Templates

Homebound blues got you down? We’ve got just the right pick-me-up—online Zumba classes! Use code SHAKEITOFF to save 10% when you register early—click here to see video & sign up.

Need a sweat sesh to shake off the funk of being cooped up inside? Join our Zumba live stream 4/25/20 & shimmy away the blues in your living room! Use code SHAKEITOFF to save 10%—click here to promo video & register.

Shake off the social distance blues! Join our live stream Zumba class on 4/25/20 & use code SHAKEITOFF to save 10%—click here to see video & sign up.

 Template for Customer Set-Up

For many of your customers, participating in a live video event may be something that they’ve never done before. Address those concerns upfront in the descriptions of your live stream options on all your digital listings. By including “how-to” of logging in, customers who have never joined a live video event may feel less intimidated and more likely to give it a try. This is also important to include at the bottom of your email marketing messages, and in registration confirmations and reminders leading up to the event.

Once you’re registered, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to join the online sessionas well as a few live stream do’s & don’tsto make the most of your virtual experience. You’ll also receive reminders for the event leading up to the scheduled start time. For the best live streaming experience, we recommend you test your settings beforehand, and mute your mic when you join the streaming session.

Last-Minute Marketing Tips

  • Make sure your automated confirmations and reminders send out your streaming link at least 48 hours before going live.

  • Connect your social media accounts to the web page URL featuring your video teaser to make it easy to share online.

  • Add your video clips to YouTube with an easy-to-access registration link, as well as the time, date, and duration of the video stream event, and whether it’s a recurring event.

  • Create and stick to a regular video streaming schedule, so your audience knows when to join the stream.

  • Cross-promote with other local businesses or invite guest hosts to join your live video events. Then, you’ll be able to tap into two different audiences to increase registration and viewers!

Vagaro’s new live streaming integration makes it easy to stay open online and earn revenue, even when you’re temporarily closed for business. When you re-open your doors, you’ll have everything in place to maintain an additional source of income through online classes, services, and one-on-one virtual appointments. Vagaro’s new live streaming integration lets you provide convenience and accessibility to your clients and a new, flexible way to work for you. Visit our support page for step-by-step guidance to get your Vagaro account set up to start streaming! Click here to read a letter from our CEO, detailing how Vagaro is here to help your business get through this crisis.

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