Personal strengths and people skills are the core elements to success. Personal strengths are the habits and behaviors that help a person deal with life’s challenges. In becoming an entrepreneur, we open ourselves to daily challenges.

There are 6 KEY POINTS to becoming successful:


Answer to someone else for your actions. It’s easier to get sidetracked into working “in” your business, than working “on” your business. Working “in” your business is familiar while working “on” your business might require a skill set that is unfamiliar and is “uncomfortable.” Set yourself goals and ask someone to hold you accountable.


Take action in spite of fear! Have you ever felt that employees are holding you “hostage”? It’s not the employees who are holding you hostage, it’s “FEAR”! Fear stops forward motion, it stops us from making decisions and keeps us “stuck in the muck.”

Finding the courage to make decisions is what puts us back on track and creates forward momentum! If you are “spinning your wheels” about something, I encourage you to make the decision that will put you “back on the track” and moving forward again.


NEVER GIVE UP! Stick with it, in spite of setbacks and disappointments. Some days we all feel like raising our hands in the air and throwing in the towel. Remember: when the going gets tough, the tough get going! To a person, all successful entrepreneurs have faced adversity and challenges along the way. Some have faced bankruptcy more than once, but the common trait they all have is that they never gave up.

Self Confidence

Have faith in yourself and your abilities. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect that others will? And yes, sometimes we have to train our brains to see things in a different perspective.  I do believe in the “fake it ‘til you make it” philosophy, because it is a form of cognitive behavior modification.

If we determine who we want to be and how we want to change our current actions, we “act” in that particular way. We actually trick our brains into a new behavior and before you know it, that behavior is our new standard.  You CAN develop self-confidence. Believe you have it and you will.

Self Development

Actively invest time, money and energy acquiring new skills and knowledge.  Entrepreneurs need to be life-long learners, seeking knowledge, in order to successfully lead and grow others. What are you doing to push yourself out of your comfort zone? What books have you read lately? What will you do to challenge yourself?

Self Discipline

We must control impulses and desires in order to accomplish goals and priorities.  If you are a service provider in your business, what happens when all of a sudden you take a day away to work on your business?  Now what? All of a sudden there is no schedule!  It is time to develop self-discipline with your time!

Learning to organize your time to be as effective working “on” your business as working behind your chair. It is self-discipline and perseverance that will allow you to move from technician to entrepreneur.