Investing time and effort in your business’s brand identity is incredibly important. The custom marketing designs that define your business are on everything, from your website to the gift cards you sell, and directly affect your sales & bookings.

Vagaro’s marketing design services has helped elevate thousands of businesses. Our in-house Design Services Team has crafted countless custom logos, branded booking pages, membership cards, branded booking & check-in apps, as well as a range of promotional materials. 

Relying on Vagaro for your marketing design services ensures that everything, from the logo that graces your storefront to the designs in your marketing emails, is consistent. Using mismatched design elements can confuse current & potential clients, especially if you run a multi-location business. 

Vagaro’s talented team of designers is a major resource that all Vagaro customers have regular access to. Working with Vagaro’s Design Services Team is also more cost effective than hiring a third-party company—who doesn’t know your business well at all—to handle your all-important design work. Below is a list of custom design products offered to Vagaro customers: 

Custom Business Logo 

Vagaro designed business logoAmong marketing design services your business needs, a custom logo is paramount because it functions as your calling card to the world.  A sleek, well-designed logo makes your business recognizable, trustworthy & professional to scores of potential clients. It should be attention grabbing, reveal your identity & set you apart from competitors. Vagaro’s Design Services Team works with businesses every day on logos that perfectly capture what their business is all about. Every logo is created with your wants & needs in mind, through a process of working closely with an assigned designer. A logo is a prerequisite for other Vagaro design services and is required for businesses to use the Get Featured option on the Vagaro Marketplace. 


Brand Package 

Vagaro Design Service Brand PackageThe Brand Package is exactly that: The ultimate package of design products to create a consistent & effective brand. The logo is just the beginning—the designs we create can be put on all sorts of merchandise, from bottles to bags & shirts. Added colors, fonts and logo variations are provided for flexibility, while still maintaining your brand’s consistency. Brand packages also include digital gift certificate and email banner designs to help further strengthen your brand when using online gift certificates & email marketing 


Personalized Vagaro Theme 

Vagaro design services personalized themeYour Personalized Vagaro Theme is what the world will see on your Vagaro Marketplace listing & booking page, which functions as a website. It can be daunting to design your own webpage well. But, as a business, you need a website, and it should be one that reflects the high-quality service you provide. A visually poor or inconsistent webpage sends the wrong message and can prevent potential clients from booking. A visually appealing one, branded with your Personalized Vagaro Theme, entices them to hit that Book Now button rather than navigating away to a competitor’s site. 


Gift Cards 


Vagaro designed business gift cardsGift cards are major revenue boosters and help you with brand consistency when they’re designed with your logo and brand colors. Customers literally carry your brand inside their wallets. Vagaro’s Gift Card’s sales are also easy to track because they integrate with the Vagaro Software. Be sure to stock plenty of gift cards for the holiday season.


Membership Cards 

Vagaro design services business membership cardsMembership cards give your customers a faster & easier way to check in for services or classes. They lend themselves to quick check-in with a QR code, and when designed with your logo & colors, they also help with brand recognition & visibility. 



Branded App Vagaro Design services Branded App


A branded app keeps your clients interacting with your brand regularly. In fact, it places your business securely in every client’s pocket and on their home screens. This familiarity creates a relationship with customers and increases their likelihood of rebooking with you. The Branded App features the same ease of use as the Vagaro Customer App but is matched to your brand aesthetic. It helps streamline online booking and provides easy multi-location access & check-in. What additionally separates it from the Customer App is that it does not show any competitors—it’s just your clients and your business. Beautiful.



Your business’s brand is represented in your logo, merchandise, marketing materials & online presence. These designs directly affect your business’s visibility, reputation, bookings & revenue, so don’t trust their creation to just anybody. If you’re a Vagaro customer, you can get all of the marketing design services your business needs handled by our talented in-house Design Services Team. They will work closely with you to bring your brand to life and make it shine. Contact the Design Services Team to create a visual brand identity that helps you get found, booked & paid!