Fact: Every month, over three billion people worldwide use social media to explore, discover, and engage with others—friends, family, brands, and businesses. Of the social media platforms available for users to browse, no social media presence carries more weight than Facebook. Recent studies show Facebook’s total users increasing nearly 15% annually, with an estimated 2.17 billion users at the start of 2018.

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The nature of social media encourages exploration and discovery of people, businesses, and brands you may not have heard of otherwise. Social media is an easy way for new potential clients to find your business, explore the services and products you offer, and book an appointment.

Make Facebook Part of Your Marketing Plan

That means that now more than ever, it’s vital for small businesses to have a social media marketing plan. But with these statistics in mind, it’s clear that your business social media planning should include Facebook, even if you opt out of other social media platforms. This is because Facebook is globally the most highly trafficked social media platform, whose structure is well-suited towards beauty and fitness professionals. Facebook’s platform allows beauty and fitness professionals to upload images and video of their services and products in action. In addition to its visual power, the platform allows businesses to provide accompanying text and hashtags to help new customers discover them. And let’s not forget the power of customer testimonials, and how one photo or video where your business is tagged can translate into new bookings from your client’s social network!

Get Social, Get New Clients, Get Booked!

Social platforms connect businesses with customers, both established and new. Having a social media presence increases consumer awareness of your business or brand, which can help you boost your leads and sales. It’s a simple, cost-effective means of marketing that meets customers where they’re already spending their time. And for roughly 1/3 of the world’s population—that’s Facebook. In fact, The New York Times reports that on average, social media users spend about an hour of engagement on Facebook every day. That means that your next customer could be browsing Facebook right now, and your next appointment could be just a few clicks away!

Get booked via Facebook or Messenger!

Vagaro Provides Small Business Owners Deeper Facebook Integrations

One of Vagaro’s most deeply held core values is supporting and empowering small business owners to reveal their full potential. Because we understand that meeting customers where they are is important to help small businesses maintain their competitive edge, we’re excited to announce that Vagaro has added a deeper integration of our online booking software with the Facebook platform. Effectively, this means that we’ve shortened the distance between a new customer simply browsing your Facebook business profile and booking a service or class. Instead of having to leave Facebook to visit an outside website, they can book services and classes directly from your page or through Facebook Messenger for a seamless experience from discovery to action.

Learn more about how to integrate your Vagaro booking software with your Facebook page, and get ready to see more social bookings!

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