Have you noticed duplicate customer profiles cluttering up your Vagaro account? If so, you may wonder how you can quickly clean up your client list. Don’t worry—with Vagaro’s Merge & Cleanup Customers feature, decluttering your list of customer profiles is simple. This feature allows you to merge two customer profiles into one, making it easier to keep track of your clients and streamline your business. 

Why should I use the Merge Customers feature? 

Sometimes, customers might accidentally create multiple profiles for themselves. Instead of trying to figure out which profile is the most up-to-date or relevant profile, you can use the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature to combine them into one. 

If a customer changes their contact information, the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature is a quick way to update their profile with the new information to keep your customer database up to date and accurate.

Clients may create different profiles when booking through different channels (e.g. online booking, phone, in-person). In this case, use the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature to consolidate their information into one profile. This will make it easier for you to see all of their appointments and contact information in one place, making it simple to manage your schedule and keep your client list organized.

How do I merge customer profiles? 

To use the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature, start by navigating to the “Customers” tab in your Vagaro account. Then, select “Merge Duplicate Customers.”  Toggle “Merge 100% Matched Customers” to merge any customer profiles that share identical information. Vagaro will show similar profiles next to one another with a percentage of how much information is the same. The percentages are as follows: 

  • 100%: Both profiles have the same first & last name and phone number. 
  • 80%: Both profiles have the same first & last name but different phone numbers. 
  • 75%: Both profiles have the same first name & phone number but a different last name. 
  • 40%: Both profiles have the same last name & phone number but a different first name. 

When you’re ready to merge a customer profile, select the “Merge” button next to the customer’s name.  

A pop-up window will appear, showing you a preview of the merged profile. Review the information and make any necessary changes before clicking the “Merge” button. Once you click “Merge,” the two customer profiles will be combined into one. All of the information from both profiles will be retained, including appointments, notes, and contact information. Voila! Your client list just got a lot neater. 

It’s important to note that when you merge two customer profiles, one is the primary profile (the “To” profile) and one is the secondary profile (the “From” profile). In the merge, some information may be lost from the secondary profile. Each profile has a unique email address and may have other non-transferrable information. Since you cannot merge email, phone number or credit card information, you want to ensure you’re choosing the correct primary profile. If you’re unsure which set of information is most accurate, ask your customer before merging the profiles.  

As part of the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature, the Auto-Cleanup function allows you to clean up your client list based on criteria that you select. And if you find you accidentally delete a customer in the process, you can click “View Details” and search for that customer to restore their profile.  

Vagaro’s most recent update to the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature also auto-detects clients who are already in your system. If you create an account for a client and the system detects the same name or email, a notification will appear and you either use the existing account or create a new one. 

Using the Merge & Cleanup Customers feature is a great way to keep your customer database accurate. It’s just one way Vagaro makes managing your business as seamless as possible. Ready to get organized? Head over to your Vagaro account to start