Being the best is something we should strive for each and every day. Are you coasting, striving for mediocrity, or putting all your energy into being the best you can be? In every business there are groups of people that you need to please. Here are three to pay attention to:

Your employees and your suppliers

You have heard us say a number of times, “Hire slow and fire fast!” These are words to live by. Everyone you hire is a direct reflection on you. If they screw up, you screw up– that’s EVERYONE, including your vendors!  Hiring is so much more than the list of skills on a resume.

Focus on personality, integrity, values, and the desire to achieve extraordinary results. Employees who have the characteristics that you’re looking for will “fit” into your business and are going to represent you best.  That’s a huge “vote” in favor of your business’s success.

When it comes to suppliers, look for representatives who will always go the extra mile for your business.

Your competitors

Your competitors should be your best source of intelligence when it comes to everything from marketing to customer acquisition and more. When you cooperate with your competitors, they can help you grow your business faster than you can imagine. Take a competitor to lunch. Yes, you read that right. Share what’s working for you in your business and what’s not. Don’t be afraid that they will “copy” you.

It’s amazing what you can learn from other business owners.

A competitor can never copy your story or your originality. It just won’t work for them. Sure, they can duplicate your strategies and tactics, just as you can replicate theirs and that’s okay! Those are the same kinds of things you can read about in books or learn by attending industry conferences. With a one-on-one lunch, you have the chance to dig a little deeper into the how’s and why’s behind your competitor’s business choices.

The other benefit of sharing your experience is that you’ll earn a reputation as a giver– someone others want to do business with. This in itself is more than valuable. It’s the key to your survival.

Your customers

Although we are the ones who make major business decisions, it’s really your clients who are in charge.  Once you and your team accept this concept of understanding their needs, desires and challenges, your clients will become raving fans.

We have to work at exceptional levels in everything we do.

Client/customer satisfaction is the number one driving force behind your business. Treat your customers exactly the way you want to be treated.

Each of these segments of your salon/spa life is incomplete without the other. Raise the bar for yourself and your business.  Sit down right now and analyze what you might change from the above perspectives and see what you can develop.  We believe in you!