Without question, 2020’s breakout social media platform has been TikTok, which has helped people all over the world connect and handle the indoor COVID blues! TikTok is a great way for small businesses to build a following and attract new clients overnight, just by letting their unique personality shine. There’s no set formula for how to make a TikTok video that gets views, but it’s easy to learn what works from top creators. Here’s how some Vagaro businesses are using TikTok to build a following that they can then migrate to other social platforms and attract new customers!

Tone Salon TikTok

Tone Hair Salon

Raleigh, NC’s Tone Hair Salon has almost 950k followers on TikTok – and multiple clips with thousands of views. Tone’s stylists are experts in blonding, grey blending, balayage, precision haircuts, Brazilian blowouts, and NBR & tape-in extensions. Sharing their professional expertise and impressive tutorials is one of the reasons their TikTok clips consistently attract viewers to their page. The following are a few of our favorite clips and showcases why creating this kind of content might work for your business!

Teach viewers a new skill. Tone’s owner Leda Fazal Goins shows viewers how to trim their own bangs at home, which in the year of COVID, is a handy talent!  

Share insider expertise. Teaching customers the why of your industry not only showcases your expertise, but it can also help them avoid costly or emotionally charged at-home mistakes. Tone salon shows viewers the hair science behind color corrections, why the same color can give different results, the importance of test strands, and why it’s tough to take dark box color off hair in one visit.  

Show viewers something fun, unusual, or interesting. In this clip, Leda reacts in a duet video to a very unique method of cutting hair!  

Transformations? Yes, please! Makeovers and color transformations like this pastel lilac color or this multi-color highlight.   

The Curl Conqueror TikTok

The Curl Conqueror 

Located in Stone Mountain, GA, The Curl Conqueror services the metro Atlanta area. Headed by “Curl Conqueror” Courtney Williams, The Curl Conqueror’s team of three specialize in natural hair care and are passionate about helping clients fall in love with their natural hair texture. With a 12k following on TikTok, the Curl Conqueror’s content is informative, creative, funny, and showcases her skills with client curl transformations. Here’s a few of her top-rated clips, and why they appeal to viewers.  

Find humor on the job. From clients asking what their hair type isavoiding a trim, or “just thinking about” a big chop, every salon clientele has its quirks. Stylists who love their job and their customers find the humor in the everyday, making these TikTok clips relatable, relaxed, and funny.  

Time-lapse transformations. Everyone loves a good before-and-after transformationTime-lapse makeover clips take these transformations a step further, showing viewers the work that goes into the “after.”  

Participate in trending challenges.  Whether it’s the “Nope / Yup” trend, the “Parent Challenge,” or the “Don’t Rush” Challenge, trending challenges get big views and can attract new followers that might even turn into IRL customers.  

Hair by Jessy Molina TikTok

Hair by Jessy Molina 

Located in Orange County, CA, Jessy Molina of Hair by Jessy Molina is a Toni & Guy trained stylist specializing in lash and hair extensions, balayage, blonding, and bridal hair and makeup. With a TikTok following of 34.4k, Jessy shows that your best asset on TikTok is your own unique personality! Because TikTok is a casual viewing platform, just being yourself can attract viewers to your page, who may then follow your other social platforms and become an advocate for your business. Here are some of Jessy’s top clips, and why they’ve grown her audience from hundreds to thousands in a short period of time.  

Be able to laugh at yourself. Real life isn’t always as well-timed or picture perfect as it looks on social media! Viewers respond to content and creators who can tear down social media’s façade of perfection and have a good laugh at themselves.  

Give viewers a behind-the-scenes peek. Everyone wants to know what it’s like to be on the job, on a photoshoot, or living a life that’s different from their own. Showing the “story behind the story” is a great way to attract a following.  

Remind viewers to follow you! It may sound deceptively simple, but sometimes just inviting viewers scrolling by to follow your page can be an effective way of showing them that they’re important to you. And of course – don’t forget to thank new followers for being there.  

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Images: Giorgio Trovato via Vagaro and Mia Montemayor via Vagaro