Vagaro Merchant Services empowers your business to receive payment by credit card at your in-store point of sale, online shopping cart, or through recurring automated payments. Allowing customers to pay by card, shop online, pay for services in advance, or create recurring payments are easy ways to increase the overall profitability of your business. Here are some points to consider before you set up your merchant services account. Learn how easy it is to set up credit card processing with Vagaro Merchant Services! No credit check, fast approval, and competitive rates with VMS!

Choose Wisely

With so many options available, when it comes to choosing the right merchant services provider, it can be a little overwhelming. Before you decide, consider if your merchant services provider truly understands the unique needs of your industry. Then, make sure that the rates, contracts, and conditions are clearly defined and suited to the size and scale of your business.

Transparent, Streamlined Pricing

Without question, it can be tough to understand credit card processing fees and rates. VMS keeps it simple with benefits, fees and rates that are straightforward and easily scalable as your business grows. For Small Merchants (businesses processing under $4k in monthly transactions), we offer 2.75% per dip, with no monthly fees. We offer 2.20% + 19 cents per dip for Large Merchants processing over $4k monthly credit card transactions, for just a $10 monthly fee. Keep in mind, there are NABU card association (Network Access and Brand Usage) fees on certain credit cards, also known as Pass-Through Costs, which we’ve broken down clearly to help you better understand your credit card processing statement.

All-in-One Software Equals Better Profits

Your card processing system should be as nimble as your business. That’s why Vagaro offers payment processing solutions that work seamlessly with all our tools within the same business management platform. By adding the Online Cart feature to your VMS, you can sell services, memberships, gift certificates, and products online. You can also store customer payment information securely and protect yourself from no-shows or cancellations with integrated merchant services and scheduling tools. With Vagaro’s all-in-one business solutions, you’ll avoid the duplicate data entries that are typical of operating scheduling software with a separate payment processing system. Less wasted efforts mean you’re saving time, and in your profession, you know the saying— “Time is money!”

Getting Approved Is Easy

Unlike other merchant services providers, Vagaro doesn’t perform a hard credit check. That means the approval process is instant, and your credit score won’t be negatively impacted by your application! Once your merchant account is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Don’t forget to open this email, because it contains a link to get your free EMV chip card reader, to launch your merchant account with the “gold standard” of modern POS hardware.

Get Your Documents Ready

Ready to set up your Vagaro Merchant Services account? Here’s what you need:  

  • Your Social Security number

  • A photo of your valid business license for upload

  • A color photo of your Driver’s License for upload

  • Valid bank account routing number for deposits. You can use your personal checking account or a business checking account

  • DBA Name. This is the name you want to appear on your customer’s credit card statement: i.e., Jane Smith, Jake Brown Personal Training, Flamingo Salon & Spa, etc.

If You’re Operating as an LLC or Corporation:

Ready to get Vagaro Merchant Services? You’re just a few clicks away!

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