There will always be struggles in moving forward and progressing. We can look at problems from two sides, as a pain in the you-know-what or an opportunity to improve a situation and move forward. As a sales consultant calling on business after business every day I have grown to love the challenge of solving a problem. Why? Because I know that if I solve the customer’s problem I have made a loyal and valued customer. We all make mistakes at one time or another, but the quality of our service is how quickly and willingly we correct the problem.

80% of Time is Spent on 20% of our Customers.

Often that time is dealing with issues or concerns of that valued client/customer. And in business there is no such thing as, “never having to say you are sorry”! So, if a problem with a client occurs, deal with it immediately. By putting it off you are telling the client that you aren’t interested.

Whenever possible, deal with the client in person or on the phone; an email is suitable for follow-up but too impersonal for dealing with an issue.

Have a Solution Ready, but First, Listen

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Most people just want to be heard. Please feed the information back to them to clarify that you are both on the same page of understanding. Maintain your dignity and remain cool, calm, and collected  Finally, apologize with a heartfelt, “I’m sorry”!

These may seem like simple instructions but it is surprising to know that many of us struggle with “confrontations”. Keep empathy at the forefront of your mind when dealing with a distressed client.

“People” Problems from our Staff

And who doesn’t love to start the week with all the goings-on that happened over the weekend, while you were enjoying a badly needed day off! Our employees, however, are our number one client, and if we have their loyalty and trust we create a stronger brand in the salon.

When employee problems do occur, look the problem in the face, square your shoulders and deal with it head-on. Above all, remain calm, focus on the problem and do what needs to be done. A slow and steady conversation with a disgruntled employee calms nerves all around. And often, the phrase that pays will solve a lot of your employee issues, “when you do_________ I feel_________”.

Physical Space and the Physical Products in Them.

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If you have an issue with a manufacturer or distributor, give them the opportunity to resolve the issue. After all, YOU are their valued customer and they will want to keep you happy by solving the problem.

No matter what business you are in, your number one problem will be that there are too many other people in the same business, fighting for the same consumer dollars! And I have heard many of you say exactly that about the salon industry! How do we solve that problem?

We will Always Need to be Pro-active than Reactive

Sit down with your staff and engage them in your business plan. Find three things that you will do to improve your customer service/experience and increase the value that each and every client brings to the salon. Next, find three things that can be improved upon in the operational efficiency of the salon. Finally, find three things that you can do to market and promote more effectively.

Burying problems only leads to stress! Stress leads to all sorts of complications including ill health.  So here we go, my list of cheers for the week, “Be Pro-active, not Re-Active!” “Let’s meet the challenges head-on with a smile on our faces!” “We will embrace the problem!” And finally, our favourite, “Let’s resolve to solve!”