The Two Blondes are on the road on a regular basis, calling on salons and spas, and the comment we hear over and over again is concern about the economy and the mystery of the missing client. It isn’t really a mystery where the clients are; it’s staring us in the face! Colour clients, for example, use to see us approximately every six weeks. Now we are lucky to see them every eight to ten weeks.

To be brutally honest, part of the reason for this drastic change is the fashion we recommend to our clients. Styles like the ombre or rooted appearance, don’t require as much maintenance as a regular colour base. The result is that we have to find the clients to fill the gaps created by the extended service times.

Look no further than your data base and the men’s market that is hiding in there.

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Here is some data on the men’s portion of the beauty industry. In North America, men are spending $7.7 BILLION dollars on their personal care!!

  • 7 billion on fragrance
  • 1 billion on hair loss
  • 632 million on shave products
  • 362 million on hair care
  • 100 million on skincare

Eighty percent of working men believe that personal appearance influences success.

Men are more concerned with their looks than ever before. And yet, we have taken their presence in the salon or spa for granted. Usually the base of our client business is female. Every female client influences at least six men in their circle. And every man is controlled by at least four women! So let’s make use of that statistic and get our female clients working for us to bring the men in their lives into our sphere of influence!

A good men’s cut will bring your client back every three to seven weeks.

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With women stretching out their visits to the salon, the men’s business would be a great space filler. Not only do they visit more frequently, 65% of men will try products and buy two and a half times more than the female shopper. They want to learn from professionals and will be far more loyal to the stylist and the products you recommend than your female client. They are also quick to shop and more decisive in their choices.

Men tend to be more comfortable in a male environment.

So consider putting aside salon/spa time that is geared to your male clientele. Analyze your less productive salon/spa times and carve out some blocks that are predominately booked by men. We are seeing more and more upscale barber salons entering the market very successfully. Let’s use some of that information to keep the males in your business.

Men crave an organized shopping experience so be very clear in your presentation of products.

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Perhaps even dedicate shelf space to “Men’s Only” products as they often allow merchandising to direct them. Because they like information, make sure that you explain every product and its use to each client. Let them hold and smell the product and inform them on how to use it at home. Make sure they understand how to style their haircut at home. You will find that they are the most loyal client once they find the right product.

Start segmenting your male clientele into its own marketing category. Create promotions that cater to men only, and then create marketing that is geared toward your female clients bringing in the men in their circle of influence.

The gap in client visits can easily be filled by the men in your community. Start your campaign right now!