I subscribe to Springwise, a weekly newsletter that presents new innovations from across the globe. I read about the featured 3D shoes that you can order from home and a service that uses the heat produced from computers to warm homes! It gave me pause to check out the latest innovations in the beauty industry. And there are lots!

Are we taking advantage of new products and technologies in our salon and spa businesses?

Of course many of you are using them, but are you also using them as marketing tools within our businesses? Every time there is a new development in products or services we have an opportunity to shout it from the roof tops. Instead, we often see a shelf-talker announcing the arrival of a “new” product. Wow! How exciting!

There are products that:

  • Cater to the sensitive colour client
  • Make you colour service last longer
  • Enhance hair growth
  • Add volume
  • Give your skin a younger appearance
  • Reduce wrinkles

There are services that:

  • Straighten or curl our hair in some new way
  • Treatments for anti-aging
  • Enhance our eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Treat scalp health

There are technologies that:

  • Track our appointments (see Vagaro!)
  • Market to our clients (see Vagaro!)
  • Create mobile websites (see Vagaro!)
Photo by rawpixel.com

Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

Here’s your homework this week. Go on-line and check out new products, new treatments, new innovations and new trends that are happening in the beauty industry. Then think of the clients for whom those innovations would be suitable. If you can draw a connection between the two, then get on board! Then share, share, and share! It’s easy to get tunnel vision in any industry you work in, especially the beauty industry, where the “shiny object” syndrome runs rampant.

Take a step back and really listen when someone brings something new and exciting to your door. That new “something” could end up being the saving grace to your business. The Two Blondes have worked in every area of the beauty industry and we have seen first-hand salon and spa owners turning their noses up at new ideas and new products. The most frustrating experience is meeting someone who needs help, knowing that you can help them, and being dismissed.

Photo by Farrel Nobel

Your second homework assignment this week is to make an assessment of your own abilities to “accept” new ideas, products, or revenue streams. How often have you turned away a new idea only to find out that Finest Salon down the street has run with it and is laughing all the way to the bank?

Finally, last assignment, why wait for the new ideas to come to you? Sign up for newsletters like Springwise and get inspired. Google “innovation in the beauty industry” and find out for yourself what’s coming. Don’t wait for spring, do it now! (Wow, who would have thought you could use that cliché and make it work!) Be the first kid on the block to do something different, be ahead of the trend and become the trend-setter!


Header photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash