When Tom Schmidt opened Skin Experts in Brentwood, California, he sought a space to showcase QÚL Beauty, a hemp-based beauty product line. The location seemed far for a man based in San Diego. But he didn’t choose Brentwood because it was convenient for him—he chose it because it was close to Shelley Hancock, the spa’s Chief Beauty Officer whose impressive resume of owning spas and mentoring budding estheticians spans over 37 years. Once Josie Morgan, Skin Experts’ Director of Spa Operations, was on board, the spa opened its doors in June 2022. Over the past months, they’ve racked up over 100 five-star reviews and consistently deliver high-quality service at a reasonable price.

According to Hancock, Skin Experts differs from other spas around the country because of the high-tech facial services offered that are affordable & accessible. So, before Skin Experts opened, they knew they needed cutting-edge software to help them run everyday business operations. That’s where Vagaro came in. 

The team at Skin Experts had heard about Vagaro, as it is a well-known point-of-sale (POS) system in the beauty & wellness industries. Compared to similar systems, Vagaro has a more comprehensive set of features that you’re equipped with from the start. With Vagaro, Skin Experts could accept & process payments, expand their marketing efforts, engage with clients and stay on top of various aspects of running a new business. 

According to Morgan, one of the best things about using Vagaro is that it gives business owners more time to focus on their job and the clients they serve. It runs in the background, taking care of administrative tasks that add up & can quickly eat away at a business owner’s valuable time. Features like Inventory Management, Purchase Order Automation and Online Booking save Skin Experts countless hours that can now be spent providing the best experience possible for their clients, thus increasing overall revenue. Hancock also notes that, as a non-techie, Vagaro is easy to use & intuitive. It doesn’t require hours to figure out, and the interface is easy to navigate, so she can stay focused on her passion & craft. 

Recently, Skin Experts ran a Daily Deal for a free facial. Vagaro’s Reports dashboard allowed them to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The advanced reporting features allowed them to dig into how clients used the deal and how many new clients came in as a result of the promotion. When a client books an appointment, the business has customized Forms set up to automatically send before the appointment so that everything is filled out before they even arrive. After an appointment, clients receive an emailed receipt that requests a review of the service, which has helped Skin Experts rack up many positive reviews on their Vagaro page. And with their Online Store, clients can purchase Memberships or Packages from Skin Experts anytime, anywhere.

Ultimately, Skin Experts’ goal is to “Offer high-tech facials at an affordable price, [so] that all women, men & children can afford to come in and be taken care of.” And with Vagaro taking care of the background operations, Hancock & Morgan can focus on the most important part of the business: Their clientele. 

Wondering how Vagaro can help your business, just like it helped Skin Experts? Sign up for a 30-day free trial from Vagaro to streamline your process & unlock your business’ full potential!