Healthy employees have more job satisfaction, are less likely to miss work and even work better with others; you can help your team stay healthy by offering an employee wellness plan. Whether you plan a formal roll out, or add components over time, offering some form of corporate wellness plan pays off with happier, less stressed employees, and stronger community bonds with even lower costs for you.

Reduced Stress Levels

A report by insurance giant AFLAC reveals that employees who were actively involved in a wellness program at work were happier, more satisfied and less stressed than employees who opted out of the program. Moderate, regular exercise has long been recommended to ward off depression and stress. Encouraging employees to be active and participate in a wellness program naturally leads to a happier, healthier workforce.

Stronger Teams

Planning friendly competitions and coordinated activities that allow your employees to get connected and work together will naturally improve their teamwork abilities on the job as well. An employee wellness plan that everyone buys into also allows different departments and employees to work together in a positive way, even if these employees would otherwise rarely interact.

Lower Costs

From fewer sick days and lost time to a reduced risk of injury, offering an employee wellness plan results in savings for employers. Healthy employees who are invested in wellness have fewer injuries, fewer doctor visits and even take fewer medications. When your employees are, both focused on your wellness plan, either because of incentives you’ve made or because of the offerings and opportunities you’ve provided, their overall health will improve. People who work out are less likely to be injured in a fall, less likely to become ill and even less likely to become depressed or discontent. These benefits add up to savings for you, the employer.

Whether you want to boost the sense of community and teamwork felt by your staff, lower your costs or boost your retention rates with happy, satisfied employees, a wellness plan could be the answer.