Welcome to Vagaro! We hope you’re excited to join thousands of service providers on the free Marketplace and millions of customers looking for businesses like yours! But before you can start getting booked & busy, you need to get set up. The Vagaro software is intuitive and easy to use. To make things even easier, we’ve assembled this guide to walk you through everything that the most comprehensive software solution can do for your business. We’ll even provide some pointers & tips to help you stand out from the competition. So, let’s get started! 

Getting Started with Vagaro Pro 

Features Included with Your Subscription 

Getting Started with Vagaro Pro

When you first log in to your Vagaro Pro account, it’s important to take the time to set everything up so you can hit the ground running. If you forego setting up, you may leave out valuable information or miss a feature that could be beneficial for your business. As you open your Pro account, locate & select the Settings tab. Then, navigate over to the menu on the left-hand side. 

*Please note some features require Vagaro Merchant Services (VMS) to be enabled.   

Business Information 

At the top of the lefthand menu, you’ll see different tabs to click to fill out information regarding your business that will appear on your Vagaro landing page. Display your business on our free Marketplace to be found by the millions of customers searching for classes & services. Your business will show up when users perform searches in your area. 

Business Profile 

Your business profile will be displayed on your Vagaro page and contains all the pertinent information clients need to know about who you are, your location, your hours of operation and how to contact you. Here, you can choose to list your business on the Vagaro Marketplace, Google and Apple Maps. 

COVID-19 Ready 

Taking steps to ensure your business adheres to COVID safety guidelines? In this section, you can share your business cleaning practices, toggle on the touchless check-in option and enable a contactless checkout experience. 

Facility Information 

Let clients know the specifics of your business. Set a clear cancellation policy to protect yourself from no-shows or last-minute cancellations. If there are any unique directions a client needs to get to your business location, you can also input that in the Special Instructions text box. Below this box, you can check off other applicable options, like whether you accept walk-ins or which amenities are offered. 

Billing Information 

Input your credit card information to pay for your monthly subscription and other purchases you make with Vagaro. Keep your billing information up to date to avoid an interruption to your subscription. 

Import Management 

Overwhelmed by the thought of manually inputting your client list into Vagaro? We’ve got you covered! Quickly transfer existing client information to your Vagaro account using one of the listed import methods. If you’re using another software, our specialized Imports Team can help you get all of that service, appointment & client information switched over with ease! 


If you have multiple business locations, use this feature to share information, like client lists, Forms, Memberships & more between locations. You can link your account to an existing Vagaro business or create a new one. 

*Please note that each location will have its own monthly Vagaro subscription. 

Employee Information 

Employee Profiles 

Add employees to your roster. Encourage your employees to write a short bio highlighting their background and experience, which appeals to potential clients. Choose whether each employee can take online bookings, which services they offer, their working hours and whether they are currently active & accepting clients. 

Rent & Fees

Collecting rent & fees from booth renters is simple. Activate the feature and set rent collection frequency. You can choose to deduct retail commission from rent. Here, you can store digital rental agreements. Have renters input their preferred payment methods for seamless rent collection that you don’t have to think about each month!  

Access Levels 

Manage employee permissions for different aspects of your business by creating custom access levels. When you add a new access level, you can choose how an employee with this level can help run your business, like whether they can run reports or manage marketing campaigns. 

Website Employee Lineup 

Drag to arrange the order in which employee names and bios appear under the Staff section on your Vagaro page. 

Booking Settings

Email & Text Notifications 

Customize how clients are notified & reminded about their appointments and whether you require an appointment confirmation before the service. You can also decide whether the service provider and business also receive notifications. 

Online Appointment Rules 

Create parameters around how appointments can be made, including the lead time required before booking a service. Decide whether an appointment must be accepted when booked online. Choose how your waitlist is filled and specific cancellation times & rescheduling rules. 

House Calls 

If you offer mobile services performed at a client’s location, this section allows you to add travel time & associated fees for House Call appointments. 

Booking Widget 

Allow clients to book anytime, anywhere via a Booking Widget for your social channels & personal website. Decide which tabs will be visible in the widget and how the booking page pops up. You can also create booking widgets for individual employees to use. Widgets are embeddable in your social media pages & business websites for a one-stop booking experience. 

Things We Sell 

Service/Class Menu 

Creating a clear class & service menu allows for a seamless booking experience for your clients. Add categories to make your service & class menu organized and easy to navigate. You can also create service or class Add-Ons. Add-Ons automatically upsell extra services based on client selections while booking. For more information, check out these articles about Add-Ons for spas, salons & barbershops and fitness classes

Simply select Services or Classes, then click the Add button. Choose from the drop-down menu what you’d like to add. Under Services, you can add a Category, Service, Service Bundle, Service Add-On Category or Service Add-On. Under Classes, you can add a Category, Class, Class Add-On Category or Class Add-On. Once you click on an option, fill out all applicable information. You can use a premade Vagaro template or create your own. 

If you have any resources (like equipment or a specific room) that are available in a limited quantity, add Resources that can be reserved for scheduled classes or services. 


Recurring memberships generate a recurring source of revenue and bring in a consistent stream of customers. To create a new membership, enter its name & description along with its cost and the charge frequency. Toggle on applicable filters for the membership. At the bottom of the page, choose which classes, services or add-ons you want included in the membership.


Use packages to sell a set of visits at a discounted price. Create a new package, name it, include a description and then specify the price & charge frequency. Toggle filters on as needed. At the bottom of the page, identify which classes, services or add-ons are included as part of the package. 


Input a product barcode and fill out other pertinent information, including the brand name, product type & cost. Add an image to distinguish products, visually. Set low-quantity warnings which remind you to create and send purchase orders when selected products dip below a set threshold. You can also set maximum quantities to avoid ordering too many products. 

Purchase Orders 

Quickly create & send purchase orders. Choose between a purchase order for low-quantity products, quantity less than a set amount or create orders based on average weekly sales & usage. Input vendor and shipping information. Once you receive the order, mark it as Received or Partially Received so products can be automatically input into your system while avoiding discrepancies in your inventory count. 


Let customers pay for a service online using invoices. This feature is of particular interest when providing services to a group of people. Hit Create Invoice, select the recipient, add services, products, gift certificates, packages or memberships, confirm the total, and voilà! Your invoice is ready! You can toggle on the option to allow customers to leave a tip. 

Online Shopping Cart* 

Create an online store where clients can submit deposits and buy anything your business offers, including services, products, memberships, gift certificates & packages! Decide whether products can be shipped or picked up and which days of the week clients can come to pick up purchases. Be sure to outline your refund policy. 


Input information to organize your inventory according to brand and vendor. This makes inputting purchase orders and pulling sales reports that much easier.   


Create parameters for any discount your business offers. Aside from the name & description, choose whether this discount expires, can be used multiple times or has a minimum purchase amount, among other customizable settings. You can also decide whether the discount applies only to certain service providers. 

Daily Deals 

A Daily Deal is a limited-time promotion your business can run for free to attract new clients or to entice clients to return. Before creating a Daily Deal, list your business on Vagaro’s Marketplace for online booking. Once your Daily Deal is published, you can analyze its performance by clicking on its Status. Vagaro does not take a commission from Daily Deals.  

Taxes & Checkout 

With Taxes & Fees, you can accurately tax your services and quickly add fees. Apply multiple taxes & fee rates to anything you sell. Fees can either be a monetary amount or a percentage. You can add up to five fees to your profile and decide whether they apply automatically or choose to add them manually at the time of checkout. 

Customizing Look & Feel

Calendar Configuration 

Your calendar is customizable. Choose between different page layouts and whether you’d like optional labels—like ones for customer tracking—to appear on appointments. You can also rearrange the order of how service providers will appear on your calendar. 

Photo Gallery 

Upload photos to feature on your Vagaro page, so clients can see the services and classes you offer. This gives potential clients an idea of what a service looks like, so they can choose the correct service when booking.  

Design Gift Certificates 

Upload an image to appear on printed and digital gift certificates. Each image must be 700×400.  


Choose a color scheme for your Vagaro Pro account theme. 

Add-On Features

Feature Subscriptions 

Our unique à la carte model allows you to pick & choose which features work best for your business. Feature subscriptions unlock upgrades that can help grow your business. Vagaro offers a personalized approach to your business management, allowing you to choose which features you want, creating the perfect software for your business. These features cost a monthly fee on top of your subscription. 

On this page, you can toggle on features to add them to your subscription. If you no longer need one, simply return to toggle them off. Below, we’ll explain what each feature does, its cost and how it can benefit your business. To further customize these settings, head over to the respective tab on the left-hand side to make additional changes. 

Forms ($10) 

Customize forms, surveys & waivers to send to clients before or after appointments. These forms can be attached to a customer profile for quick reference and are a handy way to get to know client preferences. 

Check-In App ($10) 

Let clients scan in for classes or events without interrupting your flow. The app will notify you when a client checks in. If they need to register or complete a form, they can do it here.   

Get Featured ($10) 

Boost yourself to the top of local search results and make it easier for clients to find you. Just one new client acquired will pay for this feature! 

Branded App ($200) 

Want to keep your business top of mind and relevant for your customers? What about one-stop booking, branded specifically for your business? With the Branded App, clients will have direct access to all things relating to your business. And with a custom logo & design, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Payment Processing (VMS) 

When you add Vagaro Merchant Services (VMS) to your account, you unlock features that require credit card processing. Accept payments at your business or on the go, so you get paid anytime, anywhere. 

Vagaro Pay Later  

VPL (Vagaro Pay Later) lets customers make purchases now and pay in four interest-free installments over six weeks. This feature has a low transaction fee of 6% & poses no risk to you because you get paid in full, upfront. Plus, data shows customers are 30% more likely to buy from a business if they can use flexible payment options! 

*Pay Later is only available in the United States. 


Take payments in-house, online or on the go. Speed up the checkout process by storing credit card information and charge cards on file. You can set up recurring payments for memberships & packages.  Plus, we offer competitive credit card processing rates.  

Online Shopping Cart ($10) 

Make all your business offerings available for online purchase! Clients can buy from you, even when you’re off the clock, creating a passive source of income. Plus, with the Shopping Cart enabled, you can accept deposits for services & classes, which really helps with no-shows. 

Text Marketing (Starting at $20) 

Use text marketing to stay connected with your clients & engage with them. You can create automated campaigns to create thank-you messages or launch re-engagement campaigns. With Vagaro’s Text Marketing Builder, you can quickly create messages, embed links & preview messages before sending. By sending text messages to your customers, they are 5x more likely to read and engage with your multi-channel campaigns.

Email Marketing (Starting at $10 after 1,000 FREE emails/mo.) 

Use our email editor to create aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read emails for clients. Create automated campaigns to send to specific groups of customers. Analyze the effectiveness of your emails using our Reports feature. Combine email marketing with your social media efforts to see an increase in business! 

Vagaro Drive (Starting at $10) 

Store photos & files related to your business or clients, always accessible & secure. Save & access live streamed classes, that you can then upload on YouTube to promote your business & use for content creation.  


Ideal for small businesses or solopreneurs, QuickBooks helps expedite onboarding & payroll processing, giving you more time to build strong client relationships & a better business overall. 


Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Xero makes running payroll and onboarding new hires quick & easy. Get back time to focus on running your business and creating connections with clients. 

Webpage Builder ($10) 

Use our webpage builder to customize your Vagaro page to show off your brand. 

Live Stream ($10) 

Stay connected & available by offering virtual consultations, appointments, classes or workshops that clients can join from anywhere. 

Pay Desk & Hardware 

Choose which pay desk fits your business needs. Don’t want an entire pay desk? No problem. Use our handy, portable credit card reader, valued at $100, free when you sign up for VMS! 


Get Featured 

A great way to increase your business reach, Get Featured boosts your business to the top of local search results. Be sure to review the guidelines in place in order to ensure your request to Get Featured is approved. Generally, be sure to have a complete business profile & a clear, appropriate photo. 

Social Links 

Copy & paste links to your social media platforms to appear on your custom webpage & outgoing emails. 

Features Included with Your Subscription 

When you sign up for Vagaro, you get access to the most comprehensive set of features included in your base subscription. We’ve looked at many of these features in this article, but if you need a refresher, just click on the feature to jump back and read more. 


Vagaro’s Marketplace has millions of customers searching for businesses like yours. Did we mention it’s free to list your business? While other software platforms might think it’s okay to charge fees, you’ll never pay commission for getting booked by clients on Vagaro because we believe your profits belong to you. 

Customer Tracking 

Keep track of client preferences, retention rates & any associated files. Customer tracking allows you to give your clients a personalized experience, so they’ll return to your business. 


Comprehensive, advanced reports give you insight into all the happenings for your business. Make data-driven decisions that benefit your business by utilizing this feature. Run reports to analyze sales trends, client retention rates, where clients book from & more. 

Click to Learn More About These Included Features

Now that you’re familiar with the Vagaro Pro app, it’s time to get started! Take the time to explore everything Vagaro offers and see how you can take your business to the next level with a management program that puts your success at the forefront. Because when you succeed, so do we. 

If you need assistance, check out our support articles, call our live & experienced Customer Service Team, available 24/7, or join our free weekly webinars to get a crash course in all things Vagaro! Once you’re set up, your business will be more efficient, giving you back valuable time to focus on building your business & serving your clients. Do what you love. We’ll do the rest.