Finding the best products can be a challenge. However, for those working in the field of nails, finding cutting edge products is of the utmost importance. The following is an overview of four top products being used in nail salons in 2017.

Exo Pure Remover Wipes

Created by Exo Supply, these wipes include a totally organic formula using essential oils as well as a blend of other gentle ingredients and are available in an array of scents. Exo Pure wipes make nail polish removal safe, easy, and chic.

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Mia Secret’s Manicure Bowl

An acetone-resistant, soak-off warm nail spa of great quality, purchasing a manicure bowl by Mia Secret is a great idea for those who own or work in nail salons. Comprised of thick, durable plastic and ideal for doing manicures and more, this product will last for years and more than earn its keep. Moreover, it even features a Snap-On lock as well as contoured finger and palm grooves to ensure the hands of your clients are relaxed and comfortable.

CND Cuticle Eraser Gentle Exfoliator and Cuticle Remover

A cuticle remover and callus softener of epic proportions, this formula will help you to easily dissolve dry skin all in a nice, thick formula that makes for easy application.

NSI Dura Cure Lamp

Created by NSI, this nail lamp is perfect for salons of all sizes. A lightweight and durable lamp that allows for up to 50,000 hours of use, you will enjoy the use of this product for many years. Highly user-friendly with a stylish shape, this lamp takes up minimal space and looks great while doing it.

There are new products emerging on the regular basis. Therefore, it is imperative to find and try out new products as much as possible. Keep in mind that different techniques call for different products. All salons are different, and the most important thing is finding the best products to suit your business needs.