Does your salon, spa, or fitness center…?

  • Need a consistent, reliable cash flow?

  • Want to sell more with less effort?

  • Need to decrease the amount of lost or one-time customers and increase loyalty?

  • Want to better serve the customers you already have, thus increasing profits?


If you answered YES, adding memberships is the next logical step for your business to take!

Memberships Boost Small Business

Memberships are an easy way for you to increase loyalty and create a consistent, reliable stream of income. Memberships also increase your ability to upsell products and services effortlessly, increase the revenue of average tickets, and encourage patron referrals. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here’s how memberships can help you accomplish these goals and turn your “sometime-shoppers” into VIP Members! 

Give Clients What They Want

“Sometime-shoppers” can instantly become loyal customers with a membership. Memberships allow clients to explore services and products they might not ordinarily risk money on, because they’ve already invested in a membership. Likewise, their membership purchase makes them more likely to shop with you than a warehouse retailer selling the same products. That’s great news for you, because it helps you sell more products, more efficiently, with less effort. Memberships additionally tap into the human need for community and belonging, which, in turn, increases positive word-of-mouth. That translates to more referrals from dedicated customers—aka, the right kind of referrals!

Auto Renew for a Consistent Cash Flow

Membership benefits for the client translate into a consistent cash flow for you. Because the beauty and fitness industries are subject to seasonal fluctuations, wouldn’t it be a relief to know you’ve already got money in the bank? Set your memberships to auto-renew on the schedule you want, and you’ll have income you can count on, month-to-month. Remember, the key to successful membership auto-renewals is delivering value by going above and beyond what you promise. Create a schedule of exclusive member perks to surprise your clients with and see how easy it is to get them to renew every month! Think of sustaining subscribers like watering a plant: it’s not hard to do, but you need to be consistent. Too much, and you drown them; too little and they dry up. Shoot for a happy medium and be steady in your efforts until you strike the balance that’s right for your business.

Bright Ideas

  • Product Memberships. Offer a flat-rate fee that allows members to receive a discount on their products, such as 10% or 20% off, or sweeten the deal for online shoppers to include free shipping. That way, they’ll buy from you instead of a big retail warehouse!

  • Service Memberships. For salon, spa, and nails, there are a few ways to do this. You could create value through a % discount with membership fees (monthly, annually, etc.) Or you could create membership “perks,” such as a free polish touch-up between visits or free brow waxes with color services, or “Bring-a-Friend” days. For fitness, you could offer VIP check-in or preferential class reservations.

  • Upsell! Upsell longer memberships with higher values! For example, if you offer a monthly membership with a 15% discount, try offering a 6-month membership with a 20% discount, or an annual membership with a 35% discount.

  • Use Email Marketing for Members. Create a special marketing campaign just for your memberships! Here, you can create anything from monthly “freebies” to short-term, “members-only” discounts. Members-only email marketing provides value they’ll remember and lets them know how much you appreciate their ongoing membership!

Ready to turn sometime shoppers into VIPs with a membership?

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