During a recent sales training seminar, a group of salon consultants were exploring salon websites to find out what kind of information was available in a particular area. Of the two dozen websites perused, not one had a call to action, offered promotions, or gave a reason to explore further. Yes, our businesses need a presence on the internet, but the concept behind the website is to SELL a potential customer on your business!

Our industry marketing has always been about pretty pictures. They may be lovely to look at, but there’s more to promoting and selling your business than images.

Who is your Target Market?

Time and time again we ask salon owners who their client is and invariably we hear, “we cater to everyone.”  That may be true, but every business has a specific client at the core.  The client is determined by demographics; their average age, income, and interests. Get out your customer survey and find out who your specific client is because that is who you will be marketing to.

Are you Boring or Interesting?

When was the last time you stepped out of your box and set up a funny promotion that made everyone giggle? We have all seen commercials of brands making fools of themselves to sell mattresses, cars, and tires. The funny thing is, they’re the most successful businesses because their strategies worked. Customers want to be engaged!

Do you ASK for new business?

It is a tragedy that so many salon owners do not know how to leverage great service into new business. The old fashioned word-of-mouth advertising is still an effective way to bring new clients into your business. Even more so now with all the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Clients love to share a great experience, so give your clients a reason to rave about you and then ASK them to give you referrals.

Are you staying in touch?

Everybody likes to be acknowledged for their loyalty and commitment to your business.  Stop taking your clients for granted or assume that they will be coming back. Thank them for their loyalty and give them a reason to keep coming to you.

Do you create Credibility?

Share your work with your clients.  If you or your staff attend an educational event, post the class certificates and don’t be afraid to brag about it. Show off images of your clients highlight your staff’s talents and accomplishments across your social media platforms. Your clients will be impressed with your work.

Remember: it is your job as an entrepreneur to be the rainmaker.