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Fitness businesses can benefit big time from the ability to charge deposits, which protect your income and your business resources, including equipment and site amenities. Essentially, deposits are a way to safeguard your facility, business amenities, and equipment and place a value on the time of your service professionals. Deposits increase client investment in their services, access, or memberships, decreasing the probability of no-shows, late cancellations, and non-payment. Deposits can also be used to secure classes or training reservations, memberships, and more. For example, you can use deposits to book new clients and members or to protect your investments in your equipment and business amenities. In many professions—fitness included! – charging deposits upfront is a standard practice. Here are sample scenarios for gyms, personal trainers, specialized fitness instructors, and dance studios for using deposits to safeguard your valuable time and resources.

Gym and General Fitness Center Deposits

  • Charge deposit fees for new memberships to safeguard site amenities, anything from equipment services to key fobs and WiFi access.

  • Use deposits to secure reservations for classes, group fitness, personal lessons, and specialized workshops. With deposits in place, you’ll decrease cancellations, no-shows, and non-payment for services booked in advance.

  • Collect deposits for organized events such as leagues, camps, tournaments, or other athletic events.

  • Secure deposits for facility usage, including climbing wall area, court reservations, pool, hot tub or sauna access, spas, steam rooms, or massage beds.

  • Protect your facility assets by charging deposit fees for amenity usage, including locker rentals, towels, access key fobs, childcare, or WiFi access.

  • Offer equipment rentals with a deposit, for items such as racquets, basketballs, kickboards, fins, snorkeling equipment, goggles, chalk balls, shoe rentals, belay equipment, protective eyewear, bats, clubs, or cleats. 

Client Deposits for Personal Training

Personal trainers, nutrition coaches, teaching pros, and other fitness instructors depend on clients showing up for classes and services they’ve reserved in advance. Deposits place a value on your time, knowledge, and schedule.

  • Collect deposits from new clients to increase their investment in the training hours they book with you.

  • Use deposits for private instruction reservations, nutritional coaching sessions, one-on-one lessons, exercise strategy meetings, and wellness coaching to ensure that even if clients don’t make their appointments or cancel last-minute, you’ll be able to recoup revenue for your time.

Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Studio Deposits

  • Streamline class and session reservations with deposits! When you charge a deposit for classes and workshops, you minimize the chance of no-shows and empty spots in workshops. This helps your business ensure you’ve got the right number of instructors available, as well as adequate class space and equipment.

  • Put a value on instructor time with deposits! Memberships deposits minimize the frequency of cancellations, no-shows, and non-payment by getting clients invested in the time they’ve booked, and assigning a value to their booking.

  • Ensure class space, instructor time, and prevent the loss of revenue on high-cost instruction and certification courses with deposits! If your business offers instructor certification courses (Yoga, Pilates, Barre, etc.), deposits are a must!

  • Protect your equipment investments with deposits! Use a deposit to safeguard costly, specialized furnishings in your studio, such as stability chairs, balance balls, fitness chairs, reformers, trapeze tables, Wunda chairs, or ladder barrels. Deposits can be customized to be refundable or non-refundable, so you can tailor equipment deposit fees to suit your business needs.

  • Rent equipment to clients with deposits! If your studio provides gear or accessory rentals, use deposits to protect your gear. Examples include yoga mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, wheels, toning rings, balls, TheraBands, foam wedges, zafus, or sandbags.

Using Deposits in a Dance Studio

  • Use enrollment deposits to prevent non-payment or late cancellations on class registration.

  • Increase student investment in private instruction, camps, intensive/advanced workshops, or courses with limited capacity, and place a monetary value on instructor schedules through deposits!

  • Make deposits a standard practice for dance ensembles, recitals, costuming, dress rehearsals and stage rehearsals.

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