Get to Know Your Customers Day is a business holiday, observed on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, and October.) But why wait to get to know your customers, when Vagaro’s forms functionality makes it easy to get to know them immediately? That way, you’ll know what they need from their first visit, and you’ll also stay on top of their changing needs as your working relationship evolves!

Become a Data-Driven Business

Forms are an easy way for you to stay data-driven. This is especially important for small businesses, who need to stay competitive with larger operations. Many service professionals make the mistake of underestimating how much of an asset your consumer data can be to reach your long-term growth goals. Think of forms as a means of data collection that respects the privacy of your clients and isn’t “pushy” in what it asks of them.

Why Data Matters for Small Business

The customer data you collect with forms will help you understand the needs, values, and spending habits of your client base. You’ll be able to see which marketing campaigns they respond to and hear what they want directly, giving you the opportunity to deliver on expectations. Additionally, forms data helps you identify local preferences and ensures your pricing is competitive. As a business owner, this information helps you become a better decision-maker, by using analytics instead of instinct to guide your choices. In short: customer data helps you power up your productivity and provides you a competitive advantage by showing you where to focus efforts.

Make Data Collection Easy

You don’t need a team of data experts to use Vagaro forms. In fact, it couldn’t be easier to ask questions, get answers, and personalize your business strategies. Even better, it’s easy to get started! Vagaro has created form templates for some of the areas most important for beauty and fitness professionals to collect client data, such as liability waivers, fitness intake forms, massage intake forms, and customer surveys, as well as customizable blank templates. You can tailor every aspect of a form, from the images displayed to the type of responses you want to collect. Long answer, short answer, multiple choice, dropdowns, scaled responses, and more are all at your fingertips. From there, you can decide whether form completion is required for booking.

Gain Customer Insight with Forms

Forms make it easy to get organized, go paperless and still collect required documents and measure customer satisfaction with your services. You can also get a sneak peek into what your clients want next. You’ll be able to add completed forms directly to customer profiles and track responses to your forms, so you can see how your working relationships evolve. When it comes to using the form data you’ve collected, you can analyze the entire pool of customers who completed the form or run reports individually by client to evaluate a specific client-service provider relationship.

Forms Can Be Fun!

Don’t forget, you can have fun with forms, too! Forms allow you to track everything from spending habits and pain points to everything in-between. Collect the info that allows you to give every appointment the personal touch, like birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones. Find out what kinds of deals they can’t resist, or services and products they’re curious about. Remember that knowing what sparks the interest of your clients helps you develop new services and sell products they want. That means you’ll have an edge on the competition by using what clients tell you they want to deliver it to them.

Ready to get to know your clients and collect customer-driven data with Vagaro forms? Upgrade today!

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