So, you run a beauty, fitness or wellness business, or are about to start one. Congrats! Now that you’ve chosen to follow your dream and chart your own course, you’ll need the right partner to help you navigate it. We’re talking about booking & business management software. 

We’re here to help. If you are looking for the right software and app in the beauty, fitness and wellness industries, we have all the research you need Below. 


Industry-Specific Features

Salon's online store products

Different business types have unique needs and the software you choose should have features that reflect yours. What could these look like? 


  • Salons and barber shops need intuitive appointment scheduling and online booking systems that are mobile friendly and save them from no-shows. They can also significantly drive their revenue with an online store for the hair, skin, beard, nail and beauty products they sell. 
  • Selling customizable memberships provides an obvious revenue boost for gyms, while the convenience of automated billing makes them a breeze to manage.  Also, Built-in live stream capability gives fitness instructors the added freedom to stream any class they book. 
  • No matter how steady their hand or spotless their shop, tattoo studios need client liability waivers. They also need client intake and payment forms. Customizable form templates make all three easy to create. Appointment notes with detailed information on a tattoo’s design, cost and how long it will take to complete, are also pretty handy. 
  • Speaking of notes, healthcare-related businesses, from medical spas to chiropractors and acupuncturists, need to keep SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes to track a patient’s progress. These contain sensitive personal and medical information; does the software you’re considering meet the all-around requirements for HIPAA compliance? Do they even offer even offer a SOAP note feature at all?

There are near endless examples, obviously. You know what it is that you need. The winning software should be one that ticks all necessary boxes. 

An All-in-One Solution


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This is exactly what it sounds like—all the tools you need, all in one place. An intuitive calendar that covers weekly schedules, appointments, time off & resource management for multiple service providers are only the beginning. 

Beyond that, you’ll want: 

  • Automated payment processing that is affordable and provides a seamless experience for you and your customers.
  • Clients to be able to book services at every major touchpoint, from your website and social media pages to their mobile devices. In fact, an app that enables mobile booking should be a must-have. 
  • An automatic notification system that sends text & email reminders and push notifications. These prevent customer no-call/no-shows and keep service providers up to date on changes. (Know what else prevents client no-shows? Being able to charge no-show fees!)
  • A way to track inventory, handle payroll, commission & rent collection, and run reports on all of it. 
  • A way to keep detailed client notes & client histories 
  • Forms for any number of things, including intake, customer feedback & surveys, and liability waivers. 
  • A full suite of marketing tools, synchronized with your social media accounts, at your disposal. These include, but aren’t limited to, email & text marketing, and daily deals 

This is not an exhaustive list. We mean what we say when we say, “all-in-one.” 


CustomizationVagaro's webpage builder

From your logo down to your commission structure and shipping rates, you’ll want a software that lets you customize every aspect of your business. This means one that offers: 

  • The freedom to create and sell unique memberships, packages, classes and products relevant to your business, which helps it stand out from competitors. 
  • Gift certificates, gift cards, membership cards and a club/member check-in app branded with your business’s logo. 
  • A personalized branded app that makes customer interaction with your business seamless and memorable. 
  • A responsive, branded website-builder and customized logo design. 

You’re the boss. Run things your way. 

Fully Integrated

Something important to consider: To have an all-in-one solution with industry-specific features, your software of choice must work seamlessly with other common programs and software. 

You’ll want integrations that help untangle the logistical and financial sides. We’re talking about tracking transactions, accounting, and payroll & tax filing. Vagaro partners with Intuit/Quickbooks, Xero, and Gusto, respectively, for these functions. 

Vagaro offers many integrations that can help drive bookings to your businessAdditionally, enabling clients to book appointments directly from your social media channels and on reviewing platforms isn’t only convenient for them, it means more business for you. Vagaro, for example, enables booking integration with Instagram, Facebook, Apple Maps and Yelp.



Pay Only For What You Need. Get What You Pay For.

This one is short and simple. You shouldn’t be forced to pay for things your business doesn’t need.  

Vagaro has over a hundred features included in its software, but favors an a la carte approach with many of our add-on features. This lets you choose which add-ons you need or see yourself using the most at a price that’s reasonable for your business, which saves significant money when compared to our competitors. We’re talking about saving over $100 per month for the same (or fewer) features in some cases, and nearly $1,400 per year in others 


At this point, you’ve probably thought about all the features your business needs. Why should you pay for an entire package (at a rigid, high price) when you only need a few things? Can’t think of an answer? Neither can we. 


So, there it is. This could be the starting point in your search for scheduling and business management software—or it could be the end point. Are we biased? Maybe a little bit. We’d confidently pick ourselves over any competitor out there. But check us out for yourself… 

And reach out when you’re ready.