Disclaimer: This article is not provided as legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal counsel. As laws in jurisdictions vary, it is incumbent on the recipient to insure compliance with State and Federal labor and tax laws. The content of this blog should foster discussion with your financial advisor to determine parameters of state and federal laws affecting your business. Gusto payroll services are only available in the US.


How much more money could you make, if you had 80 extra hours every year to book clients? That’s an average of two whole weeks income! With Gusto and Vagaro, the average small business owner will save themselves anywhere from 20-80 hours that they won’t spend on payroll tax and tax filing. It’s easy to submit payroll hours to Gusto from your Vagaro payroll report settings and see payday through to completion with just a few clicks. Use Vagaro to set up your employee payroll configurations, then sync payroll information to Gusto. Payroll processing is seamless, saving small business owners valuable time and money every payday. Whether your employees prefer a physical paycheck or direct deposit into their bank account, Vagaro and Gusto make it easy to pay your staff. Seamless integration gives small business owners an additional convenience: the ability to run payroll directly from your Vagaro Pro Web account. 

Online Payroll Services for Small Business Owners Simplifies Payroll Processing

For small business owners in salon, spa, fitness, and wellness, setting up payroll can be a time-consuming source of confusion. Finding the right payroll provider and payroll solution can help your business save time and money. By automating time card calculations, sales, tax forms, local taxes, and calculating commission, Gusto and Vagaro make payday more streamlined. Small business owners in beauty, fitness, and wellness have traditionally had limited options when it comes to payroll processing software, because in service-based industries, pay types don’t always follow traditional structures.

Choosing the Right Payroll Provider Makes Payroll and Tax Compliance Easier

There’s no getting around it: Payroll and payroll tax compliance is tricky. Here are some of the hurdles small business owners face every pay period:

  • How your payroll is managed and structured must be compliant with your local, state or province, and country’s labor laws.

  • Accurate payroll set-up and compliance with required federal, state, and local tax forms and requirements.

  • US-based businesses must stay up-to-date on updates to IRS policies to ensure compliance.

  • Employees and independent contractors (booth renters) have different payroll requirements, so it’s critical to stay abreast of IRS policy changes processing payroll for booth renters alongside payroll for hourly or commission-based employees.

  • Offering health insurance, unemployment, workers’ compensation, or retirement benefits to employees comes with additional regulations and compliance requirements.

For many small business owners, payday might be a combination of several different pay structures, which can make every payday time-consuming, expensive, and subject to human error. Keep in mind, hairdressers, massage therapists, personal trainers, barbers, and fitness professionals are often paid as independent contractors, so making sure your payroll software is set up correctly for each employee’s payroll configuration is a business necessity. Gusto makes it easy to set up even the most involved pay structures with the correct tax and benefits withholdings. That means that every time you run payroll, you can be sure it’s accurate.

Vagaro Payroll Processing Services Save Small Business Owners Time & Money

In industries such as salon, spa, and fitness, full-service payroll is generally the greatest business expense. For small businesses to see a profit, payroll processing and tax filing must be precise and reliable. For this reason, small business owners spend anywhere from $500 to $20,000 on accounting and legal fees every year! Because payroll is central to your daily operations, finding an all-in-one scheduling software that can handle payroll processing from start to finish is crucial to building your business prosperity. With Vagaro and Gusto, you can save not only time, but money, too. All your bookkeeping, payroll, and tax withholdings (state and federal) can be automated and processed for a competitive rate that doesn’t break the bank and lets you focus on what’s important: your clients.

Reduce the Top 5 Sources of Payroll Stress with Vagaro and Gusto

In a recent National Small Business Association survey, over 1,000 small business owners were asked which part of their business financial management they disliked the most. Here’s what small business owners like you reported:

Vagaro’s integration with Gusto takes your business to the next level of full-service payroll. Vagaro already simplifies many aspects of doing your own payroll, such as:  

  • Automate your accounting software – Automate what you hate, so you can do more of what you love.

  • Simplify and streamline administrative functions like bookkeeping, paperwork, and record-keeping.

  • Manage multiple payroll structures with one software. More than one kind of employee? No problem! Time cards, employee clock-ins, and hourly wage calculations are taken care of for you. Employees can even split paychecks between different banking accounts and savings programs. From hourly to salary, booth rent to commission, built-in minimum wage adjustments, and everything in-between, Vagaro and Gusto make sure everyone’s pay is accurate from set-up to payday.

  • Use unlimited payroll to keep your business moving from payday to payday.

  • Provide 24/7 employee access to payroll records, profile configurations, pay stubs, and more.

  • Never worry about tax codes, federal tax compliance, and tax filings again!  – State and federal tax filings are completed on behalf of your business—payroll tax headaches and hassles are a thing of the past!

With Vagaro and Gusto working together to process payroll for your business, the top 5 financial stressors on small business owners are automated for you. Why spend your time doing what you hate, instead of what you love?  

Vagaro & Gusto Payroll Integration Features for Small Business

Curious about how Gusto and Vagaro can help shave off 80 labor hours and give them back to you? Here’s how automation, customer support, and dedicated payroll expertise at your fingertips add up to two whole extra weeks of time for you! Watch our Vagaro support video below or read our support article for more information on how to integrate Gusto into your Vagaro account:

  • Sync hours and earnings – No labor-intensive, time consuming manual calculations that leave room for human error. Once Vagaro and Gusto are integrated and activated, it’s like having a team of professionals working for your business. Say goodbye to time keeping, time and attendance and other time-tracking headaches!

  • Easy onboarding for Vagaro businesses with Gusto integration. Your payroll configuration, new hire reporting, HR (human resources) services, PTO, pay records, garnishment, pay cards and employee management tools are all in one, centralized place. Accessibility allows employee self-service for many payroll features, taking the pressure off business owners.

  • Flexible options for syncing your business Vagaro employee profiles to Gusto profiles means less hassle for you, and more accuracy for payroll recording, reporting, and processing.

  • Easy payroll sync for all pay configurations – Payroll features include settings for regular hours, regular hourly rates, commission (service, products, classes, flat rates), overtime hours, and tips. All settings are customizable, so each profile can be fully personalized to suit your business needs and updated as needed.

  • Payroll completion – Vagaro does the calculations, then Gusto handles the payments via paper check or direct deposit. Instead of payroll taking half a day’s work on multiple software or with outside professionals, payday can be as simple as just a few clicks.

  • Tax withholdings are calculated, recorded, and deducted for you. That means no labor or time commitment dedicated to figuring out complicated federal tax calculations!Payroll tax filing and year-end taxes are completed for your business, so you can relax.

Disclaimer: This article is not provided as legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal counsel. As laws in jurisdictions vary, it is incumbent on the recipient to insure compliance with State and Federal labor and tax laws. The content of this blog should foster discussion with your financial advisor to determine parameters of state and federal laws affecting your business. 

Give yourself 80 extra hours this year with Gusto! Best of all, when you sign up for Gusto payroll processing for small business through your Vagaro account settings, you’ll be able to give Gusto a try for three months—absolutely free! If more time, more money, and the ability to focus on the big picture for your business sound good to you, it’s time to integrate your Vagaro software with Gusto!

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