Vagaro prides itself on having the depth of industry knowledge to anticipate the needs of its customers. With the launch of its new podcast, On Point, Vagaro gives the world an insider’s view of the many businesses it serves. 

The weekly podcast, which launched January 12, features different experts from the salon, fitness, beauty and wellness industries—with the occasional wildcard thrown in. Guests share trade secrets, current industry trends, and tips for running a successful business. 

Episode 1Pivoting the Hair World, which focuses on starting out in, and navigating, the salon industry from a hair stylist’s perspective, is available now. 

“We’re talking with business owners who are changing the game, exploring trends that are actively shaping our culture and giving hopeful entrepreneurs a chance to learn from those who have been there, said Vagaro’s Taylor Burke, host of On Point. 

It’s More Than Just Business

Barbers talk shop with host Taylor Burke at Vagaro in On Point podcast studio

At its core, On Point is as much about people as it is about work. Burke, who previously worked in San Francisco as a reporter and producer for iHeartRadio, has a knack for getting guests to open up about their struggles, triumphs, funniest moments, and what they love most about what they do.  Vagaro Podcaster Taylor Burke Interviews Adam Nijem of Star Method Boxing

“Everyone has their own story, and that’s what makes them relatable,” she said. 

In Episode 2, Burke goes toe-to-toe with Adam Nijem, a former MMA fighter and trainer whose injuries ended his fighting career prematurely. Nijem shares how he bounced back and found meaning in training others to fight physical—and sometimes mental—adversaries at Star Method Boxing, his gym in Walnut Creek, California.

The episode premieres January 19. 

“You’d be surprised at all the meaningful things you can learn about someone’s life and profession in under an hour,” Burke said. 

Listeners can look forward to a lineup of future episodes that similarly blend the personal and practical: 

  • Former NFL player, Chris Cooper, describes his journey from playing professional football to becoming a personal trainer and opening a gym
  • Prominent tattoo artist, Randy Murray, recalls practicing his craft as a teenager and later on fellow sailors while serving in the U.S. Navy—and shares why he’ll never tattoo his sons
  • A quartet of barbers from the Livermore Barber Shop dish on men’s hairstyles and how they preserve their profession’s old-school roots while bringing it into a new era
  • Acupuncturist, Deirdra Claiborne, describes researching her art in China and later teaching at a major university-teaching hospital.

“We’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone,” Burke said. 

New episodes of On Point drop Wednesdays at 7:00AM, PST—making it the perfect companion for morning commutes, lunch breaks, and all times in between. On Point is available on Apple PodcastSpotify, and other major streaming platforms.