One of the things Vagaro customers love about the company is its commitment to showing how to take full advantage of the robust, feature-rich software. Vagaro has been offering live training for years and is now stepping it up further with Vagaro University sessions every week Monday-Thursday.

Emannuel Nevarez, a trainer at Vagaro, leads the sessions. “This is really designed to help educate businesses on how to set up their accounts, apply for credit card processing, set up memberships and packages, and that kind of thing,” he said. “You can learn on your own, for sure. The software is very intuitive. But if you want to streamline the process, this can be a much faster way of learning.”

While Vagaro University is great for onboarding new users, the sessions are also useful for more tenured employees to catch up on all the latest features Vagaro has released.

“Let’s face it, learning on your own can be boring,” said Nevarez. “Why not jump in a class with a bunch of other fun people?”

Nevarez works to make sure that his sessions are entertaining as well as informative. “I pause after every section to take questions, and we have a live Q&A at the end,” he says. “It’s very interactive.”

For those who can’t attend the live sessions at the time they are offered, an on-demand version is shared afterward. Just register for the session and wait for an email with a link to the recording after it concludes.

Here are the areas of focus:

MONDAY: Getting Started

  • Adding an employee profile
  • Adding a service and class
  • Adding a customer profile
  • Scheduling a service and blocking time
  • Checking out a customer
  • How to locate information for add-on services

TUESDAY: Intro to Memberships & Packages

  • Creating Memberships & Packages
  • Selling Memberships &Packages in-house and online (Online shopping cart)
  • Managing customer Memberships & Packages (Customer profiles).

WEDNESDAY: Intro to Marketing

  • Vagaro Marketplace (Get featured)
  • Email + Text Marketing
  • Daily Deals + Discounts
  • Booking Widget
  • Integrations

THURSDAY: Setting Up Credit Card Processing with Vagaro

  • Why sign up for Vagaro Merchant Services
  • Set up an Account
  • Deposit report

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