Vagaro is proud to officially announce the opening of our new office in the United Kingdom! After much anticipation and even more customer demand, the newest international members of our team moved into the office space located in Stevenage, England.

Although our services have already been available to business owners in the U.K., Australia, and Canada for some time, we realized the need for a stronger – and physical – overseas presence.

UK General Manager Jason Downes
Jason Downes

Vagaro’s U.K. Managing Director, Jason Downes, says he is eager to establish and foster stronger customer relationships across the world: “Our key desire is to make sure our worldwide users feel heard, acknowledged, and most importantly, supported.”

That’s perhaps most apparent in the hiring of one of our newest employees, Tom Mason-Smith, Head of Customer Success, who is also a star Vagaro user and founder of the Fit Collective.

With this direct line of input from a loyal user of our platform, the team hopes to implement solutions and improvements based off Mason-Smith’s feedback, as well as from other U.K. users. This is especially important as our platform grows to address and accommodate any cultural differences in areas such as verbiage, specific feature needs, or adjustments to existing functionalities.

Making sure we hear from a well-rounded audience of U.K. users while we work to officially establish our new presence is key, which is why our team will be meeting various customers at both physical and virtual events in the near future.

Mason-Smith adds, “I’m very excited to be working for Vagaro and I can’t wait to smash 2022!”

It's all smiles at Vagaro's new UK officeThe location of the new office is cause for excitement in and of itself, since it’s located central to an abundance of U.K. transport links, connecting us to an extraordinary pool of talent.

And, users won’t notice any hiccups in service when calling in to our U.K. support team. That’s because our training team is currently training our overseas members to follow the same procedures and standards as our Dublin, California, headquarters. We believe the key to success is consistency!

Additional key hires include International Marketing Lead Sofia Qureshi, who will help spearhead marketing strategies customized to different global audiences.

Last but not least, to celebrate the opening of our pioneer international office, we’re excited to offer special discounts for business owners in the U.K. marketplace in the coming months.

We already can’t wait to expand our team’s physical presence to new international locations in the future!