Happy Vagaro Promo Days! We’re rounding up all the ways Vagaro helps you run & grow your business this holiday season & beyond. With so many more features available to you at a fraction of the other guys’ price (just $25/month), you can amp up business without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking to switch from your old software, or perhaps wondering which platform to choose for the very first time, sit back, relax with a hot cup of holiday cheer, and enjoy the list of what Vagaro has to offer. 



1. 24/7 Customer Support 

We offer support through phone, email & chat because the business is yours, but the headache shouldn’t be. We’re here to solve any issues you might come across, 24/7. And to help you on your path to success, we also offer training courses for all our Vagaro customers. 

2. FREE Contactless Card Reader ($100 value) 

Did someone say free hardware? That’s right—you get a contactless card reader to take payments in-house or on the go, just for signing up, which isn’t bad at all, considering this baby is valued at $100! 

3. Data Imports 

Already have an established account with another software? We’ll import all your previous data at no charge! And don’t worry—it’s less painful than transferring to a new cell phone. Our experienced Customer Onboarding Team is here to get the job done so you can get back to doing what you love. 

4. Waitlist 

The ever-elusive Waitlist feature! Many covet it, so few have it. We don’t know why most of our competitors fail to offer this handy feature, but we include it for free at sign-up. Our customers love filling last-minute appointment spots as they become available, and we love making them happy, so it works out! 

5. Daily Deals 

If you’re looking to bump up your bookings, Daily Deals is where it’s at. Daily Deals appear on Vagaro’s front page for a person’s local area, so it’s an easy way to promote your specials and quadruple your chances of being booked! 

6. The Marketplace 

This is the hub of business bookings. The Marketplace pulls in over 12 million bookings each year for our customers. Users can find your business here, view your offerings & book with you as soon as you list. Businesses book more new customer appointments per month through the largest marketplace available. Will you be one of them? 


7. Online Booking 

Clients & potential clientele can instantly book with you online via the Vagaro Client App, Vagaro.com, Instagram, Facebook, Google & Apple Maps, saving you countless would-be hours on the phone. Time is money, and you just saved a bundle. 

8. Booking Widget 

Create a booking widget for your business or each employee, linking directly to services. Individuals can choose what they want to promote, and nothing they don’t. Easily add the widget to your Instagram or personal website for one-click booking. As for commission? Business owners can set parameters and independent professionals collect their earnings right through the widget. Efficiency is kind of what we strive for. 

9. Automated Reminders & Notifications 

No-shows got you down? Maybe your clients (and your bottom line) could benefit from reminders! Take advantage of our automated system that sends confirmations & appointment alerts to keep everybody on the same page. 

10. Reports

Ready to review your numbers at the end of the day? Our Reports feature makes it easy & keeps track of everything while you’re doing what you do best. You can run customizable reports on sales, bookings, client retention, loyalty programs & more! We’re always adding more reporting options to give you the best insight you’ve always wanted and even those you may not have known you needed, just for signing up. 

11. Customer Loyalty Programs 

You can create & manage customer loyalty programs by assigning points within the Vagaro app to your products, services & classes. This helps with retention & gives clients yet another reason to come back again & again! 

12. Discounts 

Amp up your client retention when you create your own discounts! You can set discounts at a specific monetary amount or percentage, then use email marketing to get the word out. It’s such an easy way to increase bookings and show your clientele that you appreciate their patronage.


13. 1,000 Emails/Month 

In order to get those discounts (and other marketing efforts) out, we’re loading you up with 1,000 free emails to send each month! That’s a lot of free communication & potential business included every 30 days for our customers, and we love to see it!

14. Invoicing 

When it’s time to get paid, members can create & send professional invoices so clients can pay online from anywhere. You can send automatic reminders for overdue invoices and clients can add tips as well. Securing the bag is a must—we get it. 

15. Inventory Management 

When it comes to your inventory, you can easily track & manage everything because Vagaro’s system automatically detects low quantities and alerts you so you can send purchase orders in a timely manner. 

So, there you have it—your complimentary & comprehensive toolkit to use right at sign-up! Why do we offer so many more features than the competition for just $25? Simple—your success is our success. Happy Vagaro Promo Days!