As a business owner or manager, keeping track of your inventory can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But with Vagaro’s Purchase Orders feature, it’s easier than ever to ensure your inventory is updated and organized. 

One of the key advantages of using Purchase Orders is the ability to keep track of your inventory in real time. Whenever you create a new purchase order, Vagaro automatically updates your inventory levels to reflect the new products you’ve received. This guarantees that you always have an accurate picture of what’s in stock, so you can make informed decisions about what to order & when. 

With Purchase Orders, you can order specific brands or product types and it’s especially helpful if you carry a wide range of products organized by category. You can create separate orders for different brands or product types, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and track your inventory.

What’s new with Purchase Orders? 

One of the newest updates to Vagaro’s Purchase Orders feature is the ability to partially receive a purchase order. So, if you don’t receive the full quantity of products you ordered, you can still update your inventory to reflect the items you did receive. This is a valuable tool to keep your inventory up-to-date and avoid any discrepancies or confusion. 

How do I create a new purchase order? 

To create a new purchase order in Vagaro, go to the Inventory tab and click on the Purchase Orders subtab. From here, you can create a new order based on average sales, usage per week or for low-inventory items that you need to restock. Don’t worry about taking the time to calculate these amounts— Vagaro does the work for you! Of course, if you’d rather enter the quantities manually, you can. 

Once you’ve created your purchase order, you can mark it as “Received” when the products arrive. This will automatically update your inventory levels and make it easier to track what you have in stock. Only received some of your order? Set the status to “Partially Received” to update your inventory accordingly. 

By automating PO input based on data and offering the ability to partially receive orders, Vagaro makes it easier for you to manage your inventory when those real-life situations occur. Ready to give it a try? Head over to your Vagaro account to get started!