National Business Women’s Day is observed on September 22nd, in recognition of the 1949 founding of the American Business Women’s Association. Today Vagaro celebrates the enterprising women that keep the country moving! 

Vagaro Celebrates Our Women-Owned Businesses!

The beauty and fitness industries have been a place where women have found empowerment and the ability to be their own boss. 2020 has challenged these small business owners, but we are confident in their ability to overcome. To get the story, we went straight to the source: you! Here’s what five women-owned businesses had to say about navigating the challenges of 2020.  

Kim Trentham, Glitter KC Lash Studio

Profile picture of Kim Trentham

We’re all in different boats facing the same storm. Everyone is coming from a different experience, fear, or confidence level. Think of your client as someone close to you – how would you want them to feel? How would you take care of them? It’s not a chore, it’s a gift you give to them. 

Kim Trentham, owner and lash artist at Glitter KC Lash Studio 

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Nina Le, Modern Nails Boutique Salon

Profile Picture of Lauren Tran
Photographed: Owner Lauren Tran

Remember what you love doing and be open-minded about what everyone has gone through, because we’ve all faced different challenges during the pandemic. It means a lot to me as a nail technician to give our employees and clients that peace of mind, and to have that reciprocated. 

Nina Le, Front-end Manager at Modern Nails Boutique Salon  

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Liana Reznik, Fancy Shmancy by Liana 

Profile picture of owner Liana Reznik

You have to ask yourself what your “why” is. For me, it was my mother. Don’t sit around and wait until someone helps you. You cannot rely on others. So, when you find your why, you’re in the right direction. 

Liana Reznik, Fancy Shmancy by Liana  

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Taylor Clow, Luster Color Studio

profile picture of Taylor Clow

I hope that we are able to come out stronger and more self-aware of the different ways that we need to run our businesses. Be creative and find new ways to promote yourself that you never thought you’d have to.  

Taylor Clow, Luster Color Studio 

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Jaime Dupard, New Dreams Beauty Studio

profile picture of jaime dupard

As a community, we’re all in the same boat and reaching out for help. Asking advice from other people in your industry or similar to your industry can be really inspiring and help you have more clarity. Reconnecting and supporting each other is important.  

Jaime Dupard, New Dreams Beauty Studio 

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Four Ways to Support Women-Owned Business Owners

Are you looking to help or collaborate with women-owned businesses? Try out the Shine Theory! It’s the practice of mutual investment, the idea that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” This term describes a commitment to “collaboration, not competition” amongst women-owned businesses. Here are four ways for women-owned business owners (and their customers!) to put Shine Theory into practice.  

  • Shop women-owned small businesses
  • Support women’s businesses on social media
  • Network with women-led businesses
  • Mentor new women in business



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Header Image: Giorgio Trovato via Vagaro