Anita Chan: Anita B Spa 

Vagaro’s iconic.22 conference, which took place in San Francisco in September, brought together business owners in the beauty, wellness & fitness industries. All of these industries are competitive, making client retention even more important as it is the key to a successful business’s longevity. Anita Chan, owner of Anita B Spa, and international bestselling author, spoke to a room of wellness professionals about the importance of relationship building to increase customer loyalty. 

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Although Chan has over 20 years of experience in the beauty & wellness industries, she wasn’t always on this path. At one point, she was a flight attendant and noted how the lessons learned in that position informed how she curates high-quality customer experience. She posed a question to the room:  

“Are [clients] going to remember what you did, or are they going to remember how you made them feel?” 

The answer? They’ll remember the feeling. Because of this, Chan posits that spa owners should strive to connect with clients on a human level and create a safe, enjoyable space for clients. 

Throughout the session, Chan drew parallels between relationships and building a strong customer client base. “When we focus on building a relationship over profit, commitment is what we get.” She highlighted the importance of tuning into various types of communication to make small changes that can go a long way in improving the experience. Clients should feel understood and heard. And the benefits of investing in clients extend to industry professionals as well. 

“Customer loyalty helped me survive the pandemic.” Anita’s hard work in pampering and engaging with each client before lockdown kept them loyal. After lockdown restrictions eased and businesses reopened, Chan noted how clients were so excited to come back and connect with other people. And by using automated features to speed up & streamline processes, she’s been able to get back what matters most: customer relationships.