India Bertin: Hi Texture Hair Salon 

Vagaro’s iconic.22 conference brought professionals of the salon industry together in San Francisco, California on September 25 & 26. A crucial issue facing salon owners is how to generate sustainable income. India Bertin, stylist, mentor & salon owner, gave a crash course on increasing customer loyalty and guaranteeing consistent revenue. 

Bertin is no stranger to adapting to changes. After initially embarking on a marketing career path, she pivoted multiple times before returning to her true passion: hair. The first time Bertin came to San Francisco, she was looking to grow her business. Four years later, she’s helping others do the same.  
“Coming here today kind of brings me full circle,” she said. 

Starting as a sole proprietor, Bertin used Vagaro to expand her business to multiple locations, hiring staff members along the way. But running a business isn’t just about sharing passions; it’s about making money. “The goal,” Bertin said, “is to make money when we’re not even there.” The best way to do this? Customer loyalty programs and memberships. 

Throughout her session, Bertin discussed how utilizing these tools helps generate consistent revenue and rewards clients for returning. Memberships allow a salon owner to capitalize on regular customers. It rewards clients, secures revenue for the salon and increases client retention.  After all, as Bertin asked, “Who would not want predictable monthly income?” 

Bertin notes that promoting the benefits of customer memberships and loyalty programs increases buy-in from staff and clients. For staff, it builds up a consistent schedule, giving them peace of mind knowing they’ll see at least a certain number of clients each week or month. Clients gain access to exclusive discounts or benefits that encourage them to return. 

India Berten was just one of the many incredibly iconic speakers at Vagaro’s inaugural conference.