Paula Peralta, celebrity stylist & artistic director at Paul Mitchell, spoke at Vagaro’s first iconic conference in San Francisco, California on September 25. Despite having the last session of the day, Peralta’s high energy and excitement while presenting to an audience of salon professionals was infectious! In her session, Peralta shared advice on making more money by increasing efficiency & setting clear goals.

“For a lot of people,” Peralta said, “money is freedom … For me, the purpose of money is to change people’s lives.”

This purpose helped Peralta set goals throughout her career to grow her business, which changed her life and equipped her to make positive changes for the people around her. She expanded her point by saying, “If you don’t understand why you’re driven to create money, it’s not going to matter.” Goal setting and tracking progress toward said goals allows a business to grow and, eventually, thrive. 

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Peralta acknowledged how hard it can be to find spare time. She also noted that most salon owners are so passionate about what they do that they forget to spend time on their business plans. The way to fix this disconnect is to design a strategy that works for you, for where your business is. As Peralta succinctly put it,

“Creating systems for yourself is probably going to be one of the fastest ways to create success.” 

Peralta identified the ABCs of how to make more money in less time. Automate campaigns, break down your service menu & clarify communication. Peralta credits her determination, passion and Vagaro with helping her achieve her goals and design systems to help keep her and her business on track toward success. Of course, these systems don’t remain static. Instead, they require constant re-examination. Depending on the data, they should be updated, keeping the end goal in mind. “You gotta know where you’re at,” Peralta said before adding, “You gotta know where you’re trying to get.” Without these benchmarks, a business is lost. 

Paula Peralta was just one of the many incredibly iconic speakers at Vagaro’s inaugural conference. Missed out? Check out iconic On Demand to gain access to this session and many others. Then join us next year for iconic.23 in sunny Southern California! Follow us HERE for updates!