Alec Sukoski – Product Design Manager for Vagaro 

Vagaro’s first iconic conference in San Francisco attracted beauty, wellness & fitness professionals from around the entire country. On Sunday, September 25, Alec Sukoski, Product Design Manager at Vagaro, spoke on how to take a business’s marketing to the next level. He identified three key ways to achieve fruitful marketing campaigns while highlighting which Vagaro features can help in that endeavor. These tips can also make campaigns more effective and cost-efficient. 

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Sukoski highlighted the importance of targeting the right audience to reduce overall campaign costs and increase engagement. Tailoring marketing to a specific subset of clients ensures all efforts are well spent on groups who are receptive and interested in a business’s message. 

Along with knowing who to target, it’s essential to know when to send marketing messages, and which medium to utilize. While email campaigns consistently have large ROIs, text marketing can result in higher open rates and conversions. Using both in tandem, and knowing which medium best fits a given promotion, can increase the profitability of marketing efforts. 

Finally, Sukoski highlighted how Vagaro’s Marketplace allows business owners to promote Daily Deals to attract new clients. Users can also upgrade to add the Get Featured option which places a business at the top of the search results in their local area to increase exposure. 

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