iconic.pop: Vagaro; Luka Hocevar: Vigor Ground Fitness; Paula Peralta: Celebrity Stylist & Artistic Director 

Learning to cultivate a strong social media presence is an often-unappreciated skill. That’s why the team behind Vagaro’s iconic.pop teamed up with Luka Hocevar and Paula Peralta to talk all things social. As Vagaro’s first iconic conference came to a close on September 26, attendees gathered to learn how to improve their social media skills. 

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Hocevar, a gym owner, emphasized the importance of tapping into your individuality. While it can be easy to look at other content creators and compare stats, Hocevar reminded the audience,

“They can’t do what you do. They can’t be you.”

This focus on recognizing individual strengths and unique qualities can help to build a more authentic social media presence. Shelby Barriball, social media manager at Vagaro, shared how one of her personal TikToks garnered over 5 million views. “It was me being me,” she said. 


Paula Peralta, a celebrity stylist, noted another key aspect of a good social media presence. “The most successful social media accounts are about engagement,” she said, noting that building a rapport is key. She also emphasized the importance of asking for help when you need it, whether it be from other industry professionals or your followers. Part of the power of social media comes from its ability to build community with people from all over the world. Creating content that resonates with audiences builds a positive reputation. 

However, something that many novice content creators worry about is creating compelling content. Kevon Thompson, a videographer at Vagaro and a rollerblading icon, offered invaluable advice.

“Get over the fear of starting. Just start creating. Put down something and get the creative juices flowing.”

Thompson and Hocevar noted that their old content was not their best. But it took making mistakes and learning to get to where they are today, amassing the following that they have. 

But social media success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and discipline. When asked by iconic.pop host, Candace Davis, whether any of the creators had a content calendar, Hocevar was brutally honest about the importance of staying consistent. “If you say [you’ll] do it after the fact, you won’t do it.” He also gave advice for battling creative block.

“People wait for inspiration and motivation to get going … When you take action, you actually feel motivated afterward.”