Teresa Miranda: Red Lipstick Makeup Studio 
Parris Fitzpatrick: BeYouTiful Beauty Bar 
Michael Piercy: LAB Performance 

At Vagaro’s iconic.22 conference in San Francisco, California, beauty, wellness & fitness professionals gathered to learn how to take their businesses to the next level. On September 25, Taylor Burke, host of Vagaro’s OnPoint podcast, and Emmanuel Nevarez, Lead Technical Trainer at Vagaro, moderated the Vagaro & a Dream panel. The panel featured Teresa Miranda of Red Lipstick Makeup Studio, Parris Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO of BeYouTiful Beauty Bar, and Michael Piercy, Owner & Founder of LAB Performance. 

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Each panelist had a unique journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Across the board, each realized what they had been doing for work was not benefiting them. Instead, they needed to pursue their passion. The salon, fitness & wellness industries are all saturated and competitive. Fitzpatrick said she spent a lot of time studying her competition when she first decided to open her business. 

“I wanted to see what they were doing, what their prices were…what made them successful, [and] what I did not like that I could do differently.” 

Finding an untapped market to innovate was also a part of Piercy’s approach. 

“I would always think that the world doesn’t need another gym. It needs a different, unique gym.” 

Whether it’s market research, acquiring new clients or cultivating a positive work environment, each entrepreneur acknowledged the arduous work that went into building their businesses. That hard work can create exhaustion and even burnout. To prevent this, Fitzpatrick & Piercy noted the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. Miranda elaborated, saying: 

“Not every client is going to be your client if they don’t respect you. You want to respect them and give them their day…and you need to do that for yourself.” 

Knowing what they had to struggle through to get to where they are today, each panelist provided a piece of advice to their past selves. Miranda said she would tell herself to fail: 

“At least you’re failing it and not delaying it…You have to get back up and do it again.” 

Fitzpatrick would tell herself, “It’s going to be okay,” knowing every struggle and setback helped get her to where she is today. 

Piercy said, “You can’t do it all yourself,” emphasizing the importance of relying on others for support.