Who We’re Talking To 

Michelle Shoemaker, Owner 

Owner of Waxologie LLC in Raleigh, NC 

Esthetician, specializes in Brazilian Waxing  

Small Business Excellence Award in the waxing category for three consecutive years 

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

I’ve been the owner of Waxologie for 9 ½ years, and I have an amazing sub-contractor, Christine Baker, who helps me out now. We specialize in women’s and men’s Brazilian waxing.

Prior to receiving the COVID-19 Ready Badge, how did you communicate with your clients that your business was prepared to safely reopen?

I sent email and texts to all our clients, and I created a very informative pop-up on our website that goes over the details and what to expect. We also have a sign up on the front door explaining new protocols.

Did any of your customers seem hesitant to come back once you reopened? 

Absolutely. Even clients who purchased packages prior to the closure have reached out to me saying they’re not comfortable to come back just yet. It has nothing to do with our space or being clean, they’re just not ready to venture out into the world yet.

Do you require your clients to fill out a COVID-19 liability waiver? 

Yes, we do, and I must say that having the form online is a lifesaver! We make the form required at booking and if it’s been a few days and the customer still hasn’t filled it out, I’ll send it directly to them and keep poking them every day until their appointment [Laughs]. I use also use Vagaro forms for new client intake and I love that it’s all digital, easily organized, and (that each form is) attached to their profiles. It’s beautiful.

Prior to enabling the COVID-Clean Check-In, did you implement a call-ahead policy when clients arrived at their appointment?

I was personally texting each client from our office cell phone when it was safe for them to come in, and it was a lot of work to keep up. It’s so much easier to click “Ready for Service” now with the COVID-Clean Check-In.

In what ways has the COVID-Clean Check-In helped streamline your procedures? 

Everyone, including Christine and I, think it’s very handy! The COVID-Clean Check-In has worked well because when Christine and I are working together, we don’t want both of our clients to come into the building or end their service at the same time. We’re able to regulate the number of clients in our office by telling our customers to wait until they receive a notification that it’s safe for them to come in.

How did your clients react to the COVID-Clean Checkout feature?

Most of our clients respond by saying “This is so cool – I don’t have to touch anything!” and think it’s a “futuristic” feature. It’s also more transparent because they can look at the entire ticket with the price breakdown and any discounts if applicable. They really like receiving a text to their phone and signing because they feel like it’s more secure on their end rather than using a shared device. I’ve also noticed an increase in tips because it prompts them during check out.

Have you noticed your customer reviews increase since implementing the COVID-Clean Checkout?

Yes, our customer reviews have increased since it prompts them to fill out a quick review at the end of their payment. Most of our clients complete it, especially when I ask to leave us a review as they’re completing the checkout process.

Will you be using these features even after the pandemic? 

Oh yes, we’ll continue to use these even after the pandemic, but hopefully it won’t be about COVID-19, rather it’s just a “cleaner” way to do business. Christine and I can’t say enough good things about these Vagaro features. We think we have the best and coolest software especially for the price point!

Any advice you would share with other Vagaro businesses?

I was closed for 10 weeks and I thought it was the end of the world. I’ve had my business for 9 years, and I really thought we were going to go under. If you’re feeling the same way I’d say to take a deep breath and you’ll get through it. I couldn’t believe the overwhelming number of clients ready to come back once we reopened. I thought we would only have about 10% of our clientele, but at this point, we have about 85% of our clients returning. I even have more new clients now than I ever thought I’d have!

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