Today’s small business needs to be mobile-accessible. Simply put, the lack of mobile entry points puts small businesses in beauty and fitness at a distinct disadvantage. To gain new customers and retain established clients, your small business needs to be accessible from a mobile device. Here are some stats that highlight the importance of mobile access, and how both platforms can work for your business.

Mobile Access is a Must for Modern Business Owners

A Website Is Enough…Right?

A website is a great start, but for businesses looking to scale up, grow their client base, and retain clientele, it’s hardly the finish line. The first thing to consider is what you mean when you say “website.” Not all websites are created equal! Desktop websites, mobile websites, and responsive websites are slightly different, with each having its own set of benefits and limitations.

  • A desktop website (full website) is what most consumers are accustomed to. Desktop websites are designed to be accessed from a computer, and in general, aren’t usually mobile-optimized.

  • A mobile website is a website designed specifically for mobile phones or other devices. These websites generally have their own URL and exist independently from the desktop website. Mobile sites often provide mobile-friendly content not found on the desktop site, or an abridged version of the features available on the desktop site.

  • A responsive website (responsive design) is a technique detecting the type of device a customer is using to access the website. The site then adjusts its layout to optimize the user experience.    

The main benefit of having a website (which business owners should have, regardless of whether they invest in a branded app as well) is discoverability. However, one drawback is that websites don’t give brands a presence on app stores, and visibility on multiple marketing channels helps brands grow. Additionally, websites don’t provide the ability to directly communicate with visitors and require an internet connection to work.

Branded Apps Give Your Website a Boost!  

A branded mobile app is a software application (“app”) designed specifically for use on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, or smart watches. A branded app exists independently of your business website. The biggest advantage of a branded app is that it gives your website a boost—and vice versa. Adding a branded app to your marketing strategy gives business owners the ability to approach customers on two fronts, instead of just one.

For clients (and future clients!) who spend much of their daily lives on their devices, a branded app provides a first-class user experience. By allowing users to customize their preferences upon download, you guarantee a smoother experience each and every time your customers engage with it. And because a mobile app can be accessed offline, you won’t need to worry that a poor network connection or slow loading speed will tarnish the user’s view of your brand. The more intuitive interface of a branded app makes it easier for customers to locate what they’re looking for and see an action through to completion. But the biggest advantage adding a branded app offers to your business marketing strategy is creating a direct line of communication with customers. The internet is a noisy place, full of distractions. By contrast, a branded app offers a personalized, intimate way to stay close with customers.

With Vagaro Branded Apps, You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Vagaro offers our clients the best of both worlds, with responsive websites and branded apps available as upgrades at competitive rates. Already have a business website? No problem! Add Vagaro to your page to give web visitors the ability to book services online or shop your digital storefront. Adding a branded app to your marketing plan has never been easier. Because our branded app is updated continuously, any additions, revisions, or updates you make to your Vagaro business listing are automatically updated across platforms. That means your branded app is always aligned with your site! Your branded app allows you to put the information you want customers to engage with directly in their pocket, keeping your brand top-of-mind. From products, pricing, and booking to sales and promotions, a branded app puts everything they need at their fingertips. Stand out from the competition and give your business an edge with a Vagaro branded app!

Vagaro logo Ready to become the leader of the pack with a branded app or responsive website? Sign up today to set yourself apart from the competition! New to Vagaro? We’d love to help your business grow!

Header Image: Mia Montemayor via Vagaro

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