A mobile branded app streamlines online booking and purchasing, provides easy multi-location access & check-in and provides a direct marketing channel to your customers. Additionally, it features your business’s colors, logo & other visual brand elements. A fully branded mobile customer experience is something that any business that’s trying to scale up & stand out should consider. 

Vagaro’s Branded App features the same ease of use as the Vagaro Client App but designed with your brand aesthetic. In fact, The Design Services Team at Vagaro has created hundreds of branded apps for a wide range of businesses that capture the look & feel of their specific aesthetic. 

Below you’ll find what a branded app can do for your business, and how Vagaro’s Design Services Team works with you to make it happen. 

Some Mobile App Statistics

The world is flooded with data proving the effectiveness of mobile branded apps. Here are a few: 

  • 88% of mobile time is spent on apps1. Mobile app time has increased while mobile browser time has decreased. 
  • 85% of shoppers prefer apps over mobile websites for online shopping. Mobile apps are faster & more accessible than websites. 
  • There will be over 6.8 billion smartphone users worldwide in 20232. The average person in the US, alone, spends around three hours on their smartphone every day. 
  • Conversion rates tend to be higher with mobile apps than with websites3
  • Push notifications can boost app engagement by up to 88%4. 

Having a branded app puts you and your business exactly where shoppers are becoming most comfortable. The convenience, personalization & ease of communication that a branded app provides increases customer loyalty and retention. Big companies aren’t the only ones who benefit from this. 

Benefits of Having Vagaro Design Your Personalized Branded App 

Vagaro’s Design Services Team will tell you that having a branded app with the same logo, colors & design elements as your websites and marketing materials creates cohesion for your business. Additionally, your branded app: 

Increases Customer Engagement: Based on the stats above, you know that mobile device users are already accustomed to downloading an app to unlock exclusive features, discounts, content or benefits. Additionally, your booking button, online store, class schedules, service menu, prices, customer reviews, photo gallery, contact information & social media pages don’t require a web search any longer. 

Is incredibly easy to use: While uniquely matched to your business’s brand aesthetic, your Vagaro Branded App is designed with the same UX (User Experience) as the standard Vagaro Client App. That means that clients are already familiar with how to use it and don’t have to learn any new processes or functions. In fact, they can manage their own client profiles anytime they like, wherever they are. This familiarity increases the likelihood of rebooking with you. 

Is Where Your Customers Are: Once completed, Vagaro delivers your Branded App to the Apple App Store & Google Play. You’ll get a unique link to share with your clients so they can easily download the app. The number of app downloads worldwide from the Google Play Store alone reached over $111 billion in 2021. 

Builds a Close, Exclusive Relationship with Customers: A branded app puts your business on customers’ home screens. In this way, you are never far from your customers’ minds, and they are more likely to rebook with you. This relationship is exclusive in that only your business can be viewed from within your branded app. No competitor pages here. You can message & market to your customers directly, cutting out the noise of the Internet. Every in-app action is a chance to foster a relationship with your clients, thus building your brand. 

Is affordable: Having your branded app designed by Vagaro is significantly more affordable than going through a third-party developer. In addition, you’ll be working with professional designers who love what they do and have a strong understanding of your industry, as well as your business, specifically. Win-Win. 

How to Purchase Your Branded App From Vagaro

Vagaro customers are just a few simple steps away from having your very own branded app. Simply click the Settings dropdown menu in your Vagaro account and select Add-Ons. From there, select the Branded App option. 

What does a Vagaro Branded App cost? 






Setup & Design





Monthly Payments





Each Additional Location per Month






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In the fight for customer attention and brand visibility, a Vagaro Branded App is an essential tool for businesses looking to scale, expand & increase their reach. It cultivates customer relationships by providing a convenient and personalized experience. The Vagaro Design Services Team is ready to work with you on your branded app. Log into your Vagaro account to get the process started and check out the rest of Vagaro’s design services