Gift Cards are the ideal gift. Don’t believe us? What other gift allows the choice of any service or product that a business sells? Gift Cards aren’t simply great for increasing revenue; they’re effective marketing tools, used for special giveaways, seasonal sales & loyalty program rewards. So, as marketing collateral, your business’s branded gift cards should have the same design and colors as your logo, booking page, membership cards & other materials. 

Every gift card recipient is a potential new, loyal customer. Keeping your brand consistent helps these customers recognize your business more easily. Recognizability equals increased awareness, which, in turn, helps increase bookings. 

Designing and ordering your gift cards through Vagaro can help you increase sales, promote your brand, expand your customer base & reward loyal clients. Here’s how. 

Why Purchase Custom Designed Gift Cards with Vagaro? 

Vagaro designed business gift cardsThey provide a win-win scenario: When you sell gift cards, you are effectively being paid now for a service you provide later. What’s more, recipients view gift cards as free money and are likely to spend more at your business than just what’s on the card. 

Then again, they may not spend it at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because unredeemed cards are pure profit for you. 

They’re integrated with your Vagaro software: Your custom gift cards are seamlessly integrated into your Vagaro software and Reports, making it easy to track sales & inventory data.  

They’re easy to use: When you purchase your gift cards from Vagaro, you can set the value for each individual card, providing greater flexibility for you & your customers. 

They expand your client base: A gift card isn’t just a piece of plastic. It is visually branded with your business’s logo. Having your brand shared from person to person and carried inside people’s pockets increases your visibility. New clients will come to associate the incredible service you provide with the image on that card. Every gift card sold is a potential repeat client. So, think of these little guys as portable brand ambassadors. 

The design process is easy: We are experienced, professional designers who love what we do. We’ll work closely with you to create a completely custom design with your wants & needs in mind, as quickly as possible. Your gift cards & designs are exclusive to you, and once you’ve approved the design, your cards print and ship in approximately three weeks. 

How to Purchase Your Custom Gift Cards from Vagaro 

You’ll find the option to order your business’s custom gift cards by clicking the Shopping Cart menu in your Vagaro software. After Vagaro’s Design Team receives your order, they’ll reach out via email to start collaborating on your design! 

How much do custom gift cards cost? Here is the price breakdown: 

Gift Card Pricing 




50 cards



100 cards



250 cards



500 cards



1,000 cards



1,500 cards



Gift cards can also be purchased using Vagaro Bucks. Gift cards are currently available in the U.S. & Canada. We look forward to providing custom card services globally in the near future!


Gift cards practically sell themselves and are incredibly effective when used as the centerpiece of year-round marketing promotions. Don’t make them an afterthought. If you’re ready to make your order, just open the Shopping Cart menu in your Vagaro software. Gift cards are only the beginning. Check out the rest of Vagaro’s design services